Akiba Maid War Episode #10

Well everyone, looks like there’s a maid killer inside Akihabara as maids got strangled to death. I fear that the crew from Ton Tokoton Café might get caught by the killer.

But speaking of Ton Tokoton Café, the maids are busy sprucing up Ranko Mannen’s appearance as she has a date. Wait a minute, maids can’t date someone but then again, Ranko-san is a 36 year old maid who’s still single.

Still, it’s nice to see Ranko Mannen looking stylish today rather than wearing a maid uniform most of the time.

Anyways, remember this guy who often sees Ranko Mannen? Well, his name is Suehiro where he’s actually infatuated with her.

With that said, their date begins as Suehiro and Ranko Mannen visit various spots in Tokyo such as Ueno park where they have a picnic together.

Heck, Ranko even made omurice just for Suehiro-san, complete with her “Moe Moe Kyun~!” spirit that made it delicious.

In any case, their date is going smoothly as Ranko Mannen enjoyed having Suehiro at her side. It’s really rare to see her smile as Ranko acts emotionless most of the time.

On the other hand, it looks like Suehiro kissed Ranko Mannen as he’s really smitten towards her. Damn, what a surprising move coming from this guy!

In any case, Suehiro-san wants Ranko Mannen to meet up at Ueno Station as they want to elope outside the electric town.

Meanwhile, looks like Okachimachi is here where it’s already debunked that the panda mascot and Suehiro are different people.

Oh and here’s the thing though as Okachimachi can talk as it tells the story of a certain maid.

Let’s rewind back to 1985 where a nameless maid gunned down Michiyo. But that doesn’t stop there…

Turns out that this maid is being strangled to death by none other than Suehiro in which he was tasked to kill maids once their role is finished. Man, I can’t believe that he’s actually the maid killer!

Sadly, Suehiro failed to kill the maid as she ran away, never to be seen again. In any case, Okachimachi warned Ranko not to meet up with Suehiro or she’ll suffer the same terrible fate.

Except that Ranko Mannen defied Okachimachi’s wishes as she delivered a slap to the panda’s face which took off the mascot’s headgear.

And for good measure, Ranko shoots Okachimachi down. Come to think of it, seems that there’s a maid underneath that panda suit.

Turns out that Okachimachi’s identity is actually the nameless maid who killed Michiyo back in 1985.

However, it appears that Ranko Mannen decides to spare Okachimachi as even though she won’t forgive her, Michiyo doesn’t want her to harbor any vengeful feelings.

Let’s return to Ton Tokoton Café where Ranko Mannen will take her leave to a faraway place as she’s planning to elope with Suehiro. Of course, Ranko told Nagomi that she had a great time as a maid.

And speaking of Nagomi Wahira, she’s gonna miss Ranko Mannen so much. C’mon, Nagomi and the rest of Ton Tokoton Café survived through thick and thin thanks to her.

Now then, looks like Suehiro got a call from someone who got really pissed in not carrying out the mission. Said mission involves killing Ranko Mannen which is why he won’t do it.

Anyways, it’s time Suehiro to see Ranko-san at Ueno Station as they’re gonna elope out of electric town and into Hokkaido!

Unfortunately, it appears that Suehiro-san got gunned down by Okachimachi where- Wait a minute, is he holding a pearl ring?

But speaking of Suehiro, he decides not to retaliate as he would rather have a lengthy conversation with Okachimachi than carrying out the assassination.

Still, it’s really sad that he’s really in love with Ranko Mannen where he can’t get himself to kill her. Even worse is that Suehiro got shot by a former maid turned panda mascot in which he failed to kill her back then.

And speaking of Ranko-san, it appears that she won’t be joining with Suehiro for a train ride to Sapporo now that he’s dead.

Fuck, this episode is quite depressing as you can see that Ranko Mannen is really sad that Suehiro didn’t arrive in time!

One more thing, it appears that Okachimachi is about to die soon as she told Ranko Mannen that the mastermind behind Michiyo’s murder is none other than Uzuko, also known as Chairman Nagi.

Wow, I can’t believe that Ranko will have to deal with her former sworn sister now that Uzuko/Nagi has fallen off the rails. And really, Nagi has thrown everything to reach the top of the food chain.

Well then, I guess the next episode will be the final battle as Ton Tokoton Café will take on the entire Creatureland Group. But wait a minute, where’s Nagomi Wahira and the rest of the crew?

Oh boy, I’m hoping that Ranko’s co-workers are still alive as she’s gonna storm the office with nothing but her trusty revolver!

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