Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #46

Let’s begin with Ensign Julian Mintz where he made a stop to Heinessen and pay a visit to Admiral Alexandre Bewcock as the young ensign delivered a personal letter from Admiral Yang Wen-li.

And speaking of Admiral Bewcock, the reason why the Integrated Tactical Operations Center assigned Ensign Mintz to Fezzan is because they want to remove most of the personnel from Admiral Yang’s side, leaving him all alone in fighting the Galactic Empire.

Honestly, I think Chairman Job Trunicht and his allies are sabotaging their own country for their own personal benefits, and yet the military within the Alliance can’t really do anything to change the system full of corrupted politicians as their role is to protect the people. C’mon, the previous military coup proves that it didn’t work out in the end.

Meanwhile, the people within the Free Planets Alliance are continuing to express their opinions towards the Legitimate Galactic Empire Government.

While a few of them are still supportive towards them, others sees the government-in-exile with contempt as they overstayed their welcome.

On the other hand, there are wounded soldiers and their families who don’t want to fight this meaningless war anymore.

Sadly, none of their voices will ever reach out the council as they’re busy saving themselves, all while being protected by the police who can’t hurt the civilians who are protesting their displeasure.

Even Louis Machungo is aware of this predicament as this situation ends in a stalemate… unless Chairman Trunicht’s radical knight order push those protesters away in a violent manner.

Meanwhile, looks like they managed to speak with Bernhard von Schneider who he was promoted to commander, while Joachim von Merkatz was promoted to fleet admiral. Despite having fancy ranks, Commander Schneider can’t do anything as he and Fleet Admiral Merkatz don’t have any soldiers to take command.

It’s really unfortunate that they’ll have to endure the whims of the greedy nobles belonging to the old regime. Still, I’m hoping that he and Joachim von Merkatz would make it out of this as they deserve better treatment.

Anyways, looks like Julian Mintz and Louis Machungo have arrived in Fezzan safely, although it seems that the latter won’t join the ball as Louis Machungo has some other things to do.

Now then, here’s Ensign Mintz where he told everybody that the Dominion of Fezzan might sell their own corridor to the Galactic Empire so that their military ships can pass through. Why? Because Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm is a man who uses unconventional strategies to achieve his goals.

Of course, most of the attendees found his rhetoric ridiculous as there’s no way the Galactic Empire will cross their own territory.

This got the attention of Rupert Kesserling where he told the ensign that even though he can speak his mind, he should provide facts to back his claims.

You know something, I think Rupert Kesserling might have already take a hint on what the Galactic Empire is planning to do, although I fear that he might punch Julian Mintz to the face for spouting nonsense at the party.

Fortunately, the ball didn’t become a brawl as the Chief Military Attaché Captain Violla break them up as he reprimanded Ensign Mintz for his behavior.

In any case, Julian Mintz should be careful when speaking his mind in Fezzan as the likes Dominique Saint-Pierré and Rupert Kesserling might send assassins to kill him.

And speaking of Rupert Kesserling, he went to a secret place at the slums where only Rupert can access it. I wonder what’s inside this facility?

Turns out, it houses Bishop Degsby where he’s in a worst state, having his body decrepit due to taking drugs and alcohol, all while have committing adulterous acts.

Now, he’s cursing Rupert Kesserling for letting his desires take over under the drug’s influence.

Of course, Rupert Kesserling refuted as he caught everything regarding Degsby’s debauchery, therefore Rupert Kesserling wants the bishop to comply with his demands or he’ll expose everything that would shun Degsby’s reputation.

In any case, looks like Rupert Kesserling managed to gain one ally from the Earth Cult, even if he used coercion and a little bit of illegal substance to put the bishop into submission. It would be worse if Julian Mintz got subjected to this abuse.

With that said, it was an eventful first few days in Fezzan for Julian Mintz as while he really miss Yang Wen-li, Ensign Mintz will have to stay vigilant as he cannot let his guard down against the Black Fox of Fezzan.

Still, the only thing that worries me is that he and Louis Machungo might encountered ships from the Imperial Fleet above their heads.

Now let’s return to the Galactic Empire where Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm is about to execute his greatest strategy that will change the course of history.

There’s Commissioner Nicholas Boltik where he’s sending false information to the Dominion of Fezzan. He can’t just send actual information or Duke Lohengramm will execute Commissioner Boltik at gunpoint, thus the Free Planets Alliance will remain unaware that the Imperial Fleet will take a different route.

And speaking of the fleet admiral himself, Duke Lohengramm came up with the name of the operation: Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods. A fitting name where the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance will engage in the greatest battle that’ll determine the future of all humanity.

In any case, tune in next time where Operation Ragnarok will begin soon and neither the Free Planets Alliance nor the Dominion of Fezzan won’t able to stop it.

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