Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #48

Well everyone, this is the final episode where we begin with Captain Boris Konev returning to Fezzan after a day of transporting goods, unaware on what comes next.

What Captain Konev and his crew saw is a fleet of ships from the Galactic Empire as Operation Ragnarok is underway, starting with the occupation of the Fezzan Corridor where High Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer and his fleet are heading there.

For Commissioner Nicholas Boltik, he can only tremble in fear as his own country is being occupied by the Empire.

Even if he tries to stop Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm’s ambition, it’ll only a matter of time before Commissioner Boltik’s role is finished.

But let’s return to the Dominion of Fezzan where Wolfgang Mittermeyer and his fleet are subduing every armed personnel who tries to resist.

Of course, High Admiral Mittermeyer warned his soldiers not to pillage items nor rape women as he’ll punish them for those who commit atrocious acts.

Meanwhile, here’s both Julian Mintz and Louis Machungo are currently running away from the Imperial Fleet as staying inside Fezzan would put their lives at risk.

Oh yes, they brought Commissioner Henslow along the ride as they erase everything from the commissioner’s office.

In any case, things are going smoothly for High Admiral Mittermeyer and his fleet as they nearly have control over the corridor. But where’s Adrian Rubinsky?

Well, Landesherr Rubinsky is being threated by his own estranged son at gunpoint as Rupert Kesserling found the opportunity to show his true colors and attempts to claim the leadership away from his father.

Unfortunately, Rupert Kesserling got shot by one of Adrian Rubinsky’s personal guards who used optical illusion to hide their presence, something that the Galactic Empire nor the Free Planets Alliance currently don’t have that kind of technology.

Well, seems that Rupert’s ambition was quashed by his own father and while he would hand over his position as Landesherr to his son peacefully, it was a grave mistake for Kesserling to become impatient and tries to overthrow Adrian Rubinsky thru violent means.

And the worst part? Adrian’s lover Dominique Saint-Pierré told the Landesherr about Rupert’s plan as she really betrayed his estranged son.

Man, I guess Rupert Kesserling shouldn’t put his trust towards anyone, including Dominique Saint-Pierré.

And so, Landesherr Adrian Rubinsky disappeared without a trace much like Chairman Job Trunicht. It’s unfortunate that Rupert Kesserling failed to usurp his father’s position even if the opportunity arises in the form of the Galactic Empire.

Of course, I’m curious on what’s gonna happen to Bishop Degsby as he’s still inside Rupert’s secret facility located in the slum. With Rupert Kesserling’s death, I assume that Bishop Degsby would die from starvation.

Now then, here’s Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm and his entourage of officers as they arrived in Fezzan after High Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer have crushed every opposition while maintaining day-to-day operations from finance to other industries.

Basically, they don’t bother losing their Landesherr as long as they keep the entire economy running smoothly.

And speaking of Fleet Admiral Lohengramm, he sees a battalion of soldiers who are eager to see their leader who will change history across the galaxy.

Soon, every soldier shouted “Sieg Kaiser Reinhard” and “Mein Kaiser” as they fully-supported their fleet admiral in this operation.

While he enjoyed their sentiments from his soldiers, Reinhard von Lohengramm will have to unify the entire galaxy before he becomes the emperor.

In any case, Fleet Admiral Lohengramm and his entire Imperial Fleet accomplished their first objective which is capturing the Fezzan Corridor, but they failed to capture Landesherr Rubinsky as he went into hiding in Universal Calendar 798 or Imperial Calendar 489.

And now, let’s end this final episode where Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm gain access to the navigation room, meaning that his entire fleet will have an easier time conquering other planets from the Free Planets Alliance until they reach Heinessen.

Of course, Reinhard von Lohengramm wants to fulfill Siegfried Kircheis’ wish in conquering the entire galaxy for his sake, as well as his sister Annerose von Grünewald.

But that’s the end of Season 3 (or should I say Seasons 3 and 4) of Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These where it has some intriguing moments from beginning to end.

For the Galactic Empire, despite losing Admiral Karl Gustav Kempf and the Geiersburg Fortress, Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm and his allies not only transformed the Empire where everyone got fair treatment thanks to his reforms, but also gained a significant milestone in capturing the Fezzan Corridor thanks to Nicholas Boltik where the duke coerced the commissioner into sending false reports to Adrian Rubinsky until they capture the corridor with little bloodshed. I have to say that the Empire has an advantage thanks to their genius strategy where there’s no need to send its fleet towards the Iserlohn Corridor where they can launch a direct attack towards the Alliance.

For the Free Planets Alliance, they made costly mistakes from putting Yang Wen-li into a kangaroo court by the committee to letting Kaiser Erwin Josef von Goldenbaum II and his supporters to Heinessen as refugees. It’s baffling to see Chairman Job Trunicht and his cronies sabotaging their entire country to save themselves. And while the likes of Admiral Yang and his friends felt displeasure over the Alliance’s political direction, they couldn’t do anything but to follow Chairman Trunicht’s orders or they might risk getting court-martialed.

As for Landesherr Adrian Rubinsky, even though his own dominion is already captured by the Empire, he’s still a threat where Landesherr Rubinsky and his allies will do anything to undermine Duke Lohengramm’s rule from manipulating disgruntled nobles to join their cause to committing terrorism. After all, his personnel is equipped with optical camouflage where they can sneak into the Empire easily and commit atrocious acts. Then again, I’m curious on what will Earth Cult think now that Adrian Rubinsky has gone missing.

Anyways, I’m hoping that Production IG will have another season in the future as it’ll be a waste if they can’t continue the story. With that said, I’ll see these galactic heroes again someday.

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