Akiba Maid War Episode #11

Well, what a surprising turn of events as Okachimachi is still alive after the previous episode. With that said, the panda mascot has a message to deliver.

Turns out that the Creatureland Group disowned Ton Tokoton Café for their multiple disobedience, from flunking the training class with Drillmaster Sano to winning the Lady Omoe Climb without following the guidelines.

While I’m glad that Nagomi Wahira and the rest are still alive, but Chairman Nagi really lost her patience that she wants them dead!

Of course, the store manager is to blame for sabotaging Ton Tokoton’s safety such as accidentally throw the guidelines to the trash can, Ranko Mannen is the one who cause more trouble ever since she massacred a bunch of maids from Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan.

In any case, Ranko will have to settle with Chairman Nagi (or her former sworn sister Uzuko) by herself. C’mon, she’ll have to correct her former sworn sister’s ways with violence.

Of course, Ranko Mannen won’t go alone as the entire Ton Tokoton Café crew will help her out. They went through thick and thin together so it’s natural for Nagomi Wahira and the rest won’t leave her behind.

Then again, they need to get Ranko-san out of the elevator as it’s squeezing her to death. Let’s hope that she survives the onslaught.

Anyways, the raid has begun where Ton Tokoton Café went to Kira Kira Lion and took their ace maid as hostage. This prompted Chairman Nagi to send the entire army of maids to wipe them out.

And seriously, it’s gonna be a long day for the likes of the store manager, Yume “Yumechi” Hiiragi, Shino “Shiipon” Gotou, and Zoya where they lock themselves up inside Kira Kira Lion.

Also, they don’t care killing the ace maid of Kira Kira Lion for as long as they wipe the entire pigsty off the planet.

Meanwhile, here’s both Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira where they went to the Creatureland Group Headquarters to see Chairman Nagi.

Man, the atmosphere is suffocating as they’re dealing with the head honcho. So, how are they gonna confront Chairman Nagi?

To start things off, Nagomi decides to return the prize for accidentally winning the Lady Omoe Climb as it’s their fault for not following the guidelines in the first place.

Unfortunately, Chairman Nagi rejected Nagomi’s peace offering as she’s really pissed over their misdeeds.

Now, Chairman Nagi orders Ranko Mannen to kill Nagomi Wahira in exchange for a higher position within Creatureland Group, although Ranko would rather stick with her Ton Tokoton Café than selling her fellow maids.

This made Nagi angry as the head honcho pulled her katana and stab Ranko’s right hand. That’s gotta hurt!

Yet, Ranko Mannen was unfazed as she told Nagi or Uzuko that she made some precious memories during her stay in Ton Tokoton Café.

Hell, she even draw a pig in her own blood. Basically, she won’t betray her co-workers as Ranko is loyal to the Ton Tokoton Café.

And so, the only way for Ranko Mannen to change her mind is for letting Chairman Nagi cut Nagomi Wahira’s pigtails and then her neck.

Oh please, I don’t want Nagomi getting killed on this episode as she’s the most earnest maid in Akihabara.

This prompted Ranko to pull her revolver as she’s about to kill her former sworn sister and save Nagomi-chan.

Okay, is she gonna avenge Michiyo’s death on this very important moment? I mean, Ranko won’t forgive Uzuko for letting her master die.

But no, she couldn’t pull the trigger as despite hating her, Ranko still sees Uzuko as an important person in her life.

So, Ranko Mannen shed tears and begs Chairman Nagi to let Nagomi Wahira go and spare Ton Tokoton Café for being disowned forever. In exchange, she and her fellow maids will work even harder.

I’m not sure if pleading the head honcho works as Nagi really wants Ton Tokoton Café erased from the face of the planet, so it would be better for Ranko to kill her former sworn sister.

Surprisingly, Chairman Nagi decides to let them off the hook as the head honcho told them to work and pay 10 times the sweets money in order to stay afloat.

Seriously, I’m not sure if receiving a pardon from the head honcho would do any favors in the long run, but it seems that Ton Tokoton Café is saved for now thanks to Nagi’s mercy.

Meanwhile, looks like the entire Creatureland Group declared a cease-fire as they told the maids from Ton Tokoton Café that they’re no longer disowned. I guess the siege has-

Oh wait, looks like they shoot down one of the maids in the pouch. I don’t know if Shiipon, Yumechi, or Zoya pulled the trigger, but that’s gotta hurt as the maid is dead.

Of course, should that maid survived, her vagina is no longer useful to bear children. That’s really unfortunate if you ask me!

Anyways, looks like Ranko Mannen and Nagomi Wahira returns to Ton Tokoton Café as everyone is surprised that they survived when storming the headquarters.

And so, Ton Tokoton Café is saved from being disowned forever by the Creatureland Group as they must work hard to pay Chairman Nagi’s mercy or they’ll get slaughtered.

That’s until Ranko Mannen got stabbed by a random main in the liver at broad daylight. Dammit, I thought that she’ll live through the end? This can’t be happening!

Anyways, this is really the darkest ending for this episode where after settling her difference with Nagi, Ranko Mannen dies like a dog.

Now I’m worried about the future of Ton Tokoton Café as there’s one more episode to go in Akiba Maid War. Fuck, I’m scared that the rest of them might get massacred!

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