Akiba Maid War Episode #12

God, what a worst way to start this final episode where it’s confirmed that Ranko Mannen died at the end of the previous episode.

And while the entire Ton Tokoton Café is in mourning, there’s one maid who didn’t come to the funeral.

Well, it’s Nagomi Wahira where she chose violence to avenge Ranko’s death. Oh yeah, this maid told Nagomi that a surviving member of the now-defunct Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan is responsible for stabbing Ranko Mannen on that fateful day.

Still, I can’t believe that Nagomi Wahira decided to take on the entire Creatureland Group even though she’s not good at fighting.

Anyways, Nagomi went to the General of Dorama Ramen where he tells the story about Uzuko, the woman who became the current head of the Creatureland Group.

Turns out that Uzuko was once a street urchin until Michiyo pick her up as a potential successor. It appears that Uzuko is poised to lead Jijyou Sakan through violence.

However, all that changed when Michiyo decided to run her maid café in a peaceful manner when she recruited a young Ranko Mannen.

This led Michiyo to her murder in which Uzuko ordered the hit to a nameless maid and pin the blame on Ranko-san. Of course, that nameless maid took the name of Okachimachi and survived as a mascot of Ton Tokoton Café.

But let’s return to Nagomi Wahira where despite her efforts to take down some maids from the Creatureland Group, she’s powerless as Nagomi showed her pathetic side to her enemies.

Honestly, I think violence isn’t the solution for Nagomi Wahira just because she lost her dear friend who saved her through thick and thin, Ranko Mannen.

So when she returns to Ton Tokoton Café to find Ranko’s belongings, Nagomi saw a picture of the entire gang after winning the Lady Omoe Climb.

For Nagomi Wahira, she was a fool in choosing violence to avenge her loved ones as Nagomi wants to return to her roots where she entertain customers without resorting to killing lots of people.

Of course, the only thing that worries me is Chairman Nagi as she and the rest of the Creatureland Group will crush Ton Tokoton Café now that Ranko Mannen is dead. Dammit, looks like Nagi couldn’t keep their promise after all!

And it gets even worse where Nagi shoots down the General after he begs the head honcho to stop her reign of terror.

Man, Nagi or Uzuko is pretty much irredeemable as she would rather sit at her throne alone while bodies are piling up in Akiba.

But anyways, the entire army has arrived in Ton Tokoton Café where Chairman Nagi and her cronies are gonna wipe those pigs off from the face of the planet. Let’s hope that everyone is armed and ready.

However, they decided to serve them up as customers instead. Hello girls, you’re gonna get killed by the head honcho and her goons!

Still, looks like Nagomi Wahira and the rest would rather entertain the maids than gunning the hell out of them much like the first episode.

Of course, Chairman Nagi wasn’t pleased where she shoots Nagomi Wahira in the stomach for not only being cringe, but Nagomi’s dance moves reminds her of her former sworn sister Ranko Mannen. Goddammit!

Yet despite being shot in the tummy, the show must go on as Nagomi continues to dance and sing. You know something, this atmosphere is like the first episode.

And so, Nagomi’s death-defying performance is a success where Yumechi and the rest of Ton Tokoton Café couldn’t hold back their tears when their fellow maid stood there while in critical condition.

Regardless, Nagomi Wahira proves to everyone that violence is not moe, thus she sticks to her principles where maid should work earnestly without killing anyone.

Unfortunately, Chairman Nagi doesn’t buy it as she not only kills the ace maid of Kira Kira Lion, but she puts some bullet holes onto Nagomi’s body until she’s dead. Seriously, someone kill this bitch!

Luckily, someone put a hole onto Nagi’s temple. Don’t tell me that Shiipon and Zoya decided to pay the head honcho back in cold blood?

Wait a minute, isn’t that the pink-haired maid who stabbed Ranko Mannen in broad daylight? That motherfucker!

Also, turns out that this maid came from Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan, which is why she killed Ranko as payback for the slaughter of her old maid café back in Episode 1. Shit, I want her dead!

Oh, and it gets worse for Chairman Nagi as Okachimachi throws a bamboo spear straight to her heart. I guess she finally got her revenge against the head honcho of the Creatureland Group.

But damn, this ending of Akiba Maid War leave me speechless as Nagi died without much effort. Still, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen to Ton Tokoton Café as I’m worried that the goons might kill them all to avenge their fallen leader.

Still, I gotta give props to P.A. Works for putting me to the edge of my seat with all the zany yakuza tropes molded into a cute show about maids. It’s sucks that the ending as a bit rushed where there’s no proper closure after Nagi’s death.

However, it appears that there’s an epilogue where it takes place in 2018. This time, the streets of Akihabara became a peaceful place and not only that, but Ton Tokoton Café is still around (under the New Ton Tokoton Café moniker).

Looks like the days of maids threatening other innocent people with violence is a thing of the past. Also, it appears that the New Ton Tokoton Café owned by a famous maid…

Except that this particular maid is bound to a wheelchair, not to mention that she’s actually 36 years old. Wait, that’s the same age range as Ranko Mannen!

Turns out that this famous maid is actually Nagomi Wahira where I’m surprised that she cheated death, although it’s sad that her friends are no longer with her. But that’s okay ’cause Nagomi wants to continue her beliefs that maids existed to entertain customers peacefully.

Well everyone, that’s about it for Akiba Maid War where despite receiving a bunch of abuse, Nagomi perseveres to see a peaceful electric town of Akihabara!

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