D4DJ Double Mix

Well everyone, looks like Bushiroad will continue the D4DJ franchise as not only they’ve already released a mobile gacha game, but there’s another anime coming up for next year.

Anyways, this is D4DJ Double Mix where focuses on two DJ unit who made cameo appearances in D4DJ First Mix, Merm4id and RONDO. Also, it takes place after D4Fes where it exists in the gacha game itself.

But let’s start with Merm4id where Rika Seto and the rest are having a gravure photoshoot, although Marika Mizushima, Saori Hidaka, and Dalia Matsuyama are worried about Rika’s strange behavior ever since Merm4id participated in D4Fes.

Then again, I think Rika Seto is in high spirits as she wants to take on new challenges after the festival.

And speaking of Rika Seto, looks like she got an idea after she and the rest of Merm4id visited a smoothie shop and watch the blender do its thing.

So while Rika-chan is pretending to swim inside the blender buck-naked (Just use your imagination), let’s hope that her idea would work as Merm4id wants to move up a level.

Meanwhile, let’s move onto RONDO where Tsubaki Aoyagi is troubled on how to elevate their success after D4Fes. For Tsubaki, she and the rest of RONDO felt that there’s a wide world that need to explore.

Then again, Aoyagi is just thinking too much as Aoi Miyake is here to pick her up. Speaking of Aoi-san, she looks so cool that Miyake can be mistaken for a guy.

In any case, I think RONDO should focus on their next gig at Alter Ego as they don’t want to disappoint their loyal fans.

Let’s move onto Alter Ego where RONDO made a successful live gig and now they’re taking a rest.

By the way, RONDO is known for mixing heavy metal with electronic music, making a big hit for regulars of Alter Ego. Thus, everyone has high expectations that RONDO will remain consistent throughout their performance.

Now then, here’s Rika Seto where she barged into Alter Ego and announced a collaboration with RONDO. First of all, how did Rika manage to get inside the exclusive club Alter Ego?

Still, Rika’s announcement sent shockwaves to Tsubaki Aoyagi where she feared that Merm4id’s electro house and progressive trance-inspired music might clash with RONDO’s style.

However, General Manager Masaki-san supported Merm4id’s proposal for a collaboration with RONDO, therefore the two-man gig at Alter Ego will happen in a few days.

Of course, it’s up to the fans on whether this collaboration would be a genius move or a complete disaster. But you know what, both parties will do anything to succeed.

By the way, despite playing different genres of music, turns out that both RONDO and Merm4id have some connection where Nagisa Tsukimiyama and Saori Hidaka were once high school classmates.

Then again, it appears that Nagisa Tsukimiyama played her guitar in front of a large crowd while Saori Hidaka worked behind the scenes.

And by the way, Saori could have chosen a different path had Rika Seto approached her to join Merm4id. In any case, it’s really interesting that both units are destined to collaborate.

Well, except for Tsubaki Aoyagi where despite being the frontwoman of RONDO, it appears that her childhood life is unremarkable aside from worrying about the unit’s future.

And speaking of Tsubaki’s childhood memories, it turns out she knows Rika Seto since elementary school, although Aoyagi doesn’t want to mingle with Seto even though the latter is reaching the former.

But let’s move onto the present where Rika Seto finally found Tsubaki Aoyagi inside the church as she reassures to her childhood friend that their collaboration gig at Alter Ego will be a success.

I have to say that Rika shouldn’t feel down to herself as she got some support to Aoi Miyake and the rest of RONDO, plus Rika Seto as they can move forward not backward. Anyways, good luck to their gig at Alter Ego!

And so, let’s end this special episode where RONDO and Merm4id preformed “FAKE OFF” at Alter Ego. Even though both fans feared that their will be a clash of styles, their collaboration worked well like a charm.

Anyways, it’s an interesting special episode featuring Merm4id and RONDO where I’m surprised that both DJ units are connected thanks to Nagisa and Saori’s friendship, as well as Rika reaching out her childhood friend Tsubaki. It’s unfortunate that this special episode should have been longer where I want to know more about these two units outside of the gacha game D4DJ Groovy Mix.

With that said, I’m looking forward for the sequel to D4DJ First Mix next year. Sadly, there are a few changes to the cast due to health issues. But hey, I’m glad that Bushiroad is supporting this franchise!

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