Tonikaku Kawaii Episode #14

Well everyone, it’s time for another extra episode of Tonikaku Kawaii where Nasa and Tsukasa Yuzaki are spending their lovey-dovey days as a married couple. I was wondering if they already had sex?

Still, their married life is pretty normal where Nasa do his coding duties while Tsukasa plays a retro game. And by the way, Tsukasa can’t distract Nasa-kun as he’s pretty busy… or is it?

So, Tsukasa changed the channel to a quiz show where she’ll ask Nasa a question and answer it on the spot, thus she’ll break his concentration.

Of course, no one’s gonna recognize neither Tsukasa or Nasa’s answers since they’re not participants anyway. And speaking of Tsukasa Yuzaki, she’s having a hard time answering a simple riddle.

But for Nasa-kun however, he answers correctly without losing his concentration. I guess Tsukasa will need some help to distract her busy husband.

So, she asked Aya Arisugawa and Charlotte for assistance where they changed Tsukasa’s outfit. Come to think of it, why is Charlotte wearing a track-

Oh, looks like Tsukasa Yuzaki is wearing Charlotte’s maid uniform. Not gonna lie, Tsukasa looks elegant as a maid!

And while Nasa managed to get stunned by his wife’s beauty, he managed to answer correctly. Man, I have to say that Nasa Yuzaki is built differently.

But, this gave the Arisugawa sisters a brilliant idea as Kaname wants to see Tsukasa wearing different costumes ranging from a bunny suit to Lum’s famous tiger-stripe bikini.

Then again, Kaname doesn’t have those costumes stored in her backyard unless they have to order it.

Fortunately, there’s a solution as Aya-san has a collection of school uniforms for Tsukasa to wear.

I’m not sure how Aya Arisugawa amassed a collection of sailor uniforms but I’m curious on what Tsukasa look like as a high school girl.

But here she is as Aya Arisugawa present Tsukasa Yuzaki as a high school girl. I have to say that her current appearance would skip Nasa’s heart as Tsukasa is adorable!

Heck, she even have a toasted bread in her mouth as Nasa Yuzaki can feel the moe oozing out of her school uniform. I guess he can’t take his eyes off towards Tsukasa ’cause she’s really cute on this episode!

Anyways, looks like he can’t take much longer as Nasa wants to make it out with his wife Tsukasa, starting by removing her stockings.

And then followed by a sloppy French kiss as this scene is getting lewder. Are they gonna do their first time together on this special episode?

Nah, it’s all just a dream as Tsukasa Yuzaki is back to her usual outfit. I guess Nasa-kun will have to wait for the right time to have sex with his wife.

But that’s an interesting episode of Tonikaku Kawaii where it’s a fanservice-laden episode featuring Tsakasa Yuzaki wearing different outfits, although she only wear a maid and a school uniform.

Still, I can’t wait for the second season of Tonikaku Kawaii as I wanna see more cute moments from this married couple!

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