BanG Dream! Morfonication Episode #01

Well everyone, I guess it’s time for me to share my thoughts on this BanG Dream! special. Titled BanG Dream! Morfonication, this two-part special revolves around the newest girls’ band in the franchise, Morfonica.

And here’s Mashiro Kurata where she’s in a different world full of dreams and happiness.

Just kidding, Mashiro is daydreaming. So what makes Morfonica so special compared to various girls’ band in the franchise?

Well, Morfonica is a symphonic band where all of its members are students of the prestigious Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy, not to mention that they have a violinist named Rui Yashio who’s slaying that violin. You may thank Rui’s voice actress Ayasa for her violin prowess.

In any case, Morfonica is really distinct against the likes of Poppin’ Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN as they carve a niche within the franchise. They’re really are the girls’ band for rich girls!

However, turns out that Morfonica are not the prim and proper girls as they’re normal people who want to have fun some other time. C’mon, they’re high school girls after all so they need to enjoy their life to the fullest.

With that said, here’s Touko Kirigaya where she’s planning something special during summer. Of course, they need to keep it a secret from both Mashiro Kurata and Rui Yashio as Touko, along with Tsukushi Futaba and Nanami Hiromachi, wants to surprise them.

Speaking of Mashiro and Rui, they finally arrive as Touko needs to keep it hush about their summer plans. Of course, they need to come with something real quick before summer vacation.

By the way, here’s Rui Yashio where it appears that she caught wind about Touko’s plans during summer vacation, therefore she won’t participate at all.

Dang, that was a real shame as I can believe that Rui Yashio is the serious type! I think she needs to have some fun for a while.

Well, looks like Tsukushi Futaba will have to convince Yashio to cooperate as Morfonica wants to have fun during summer vacation.

Oh and about their summer plans? They might do a sleepover at Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy. Let’s hope that the faculty staff allow them for a sleepover.

Let’s move onto the face of the band, Mashiro Kurata. Here, she met two acquaintances back in middle school as they’re happy to see Mashiro again.

However, it appears that they don’t realize how much Kurata has changed ever since joining Morfonica. In fact, they think that she still talking to butterflies to this day.

Honestly, they shouldn’t assume that Mashiro Kurata remained the same as for one, she’s the frontwoman of Morfonica in which her band is gaining traction within the girls’ bands scene.

Still, it seems that Mashiro Kurata is troubled where despite being in a band, she’s having trouble proving to everyone how much she changed.

On second thought, I think she’s lacking some self-confidence which is why Mashiro is hesitant to tell her old friends about it.

Well then, this is getting more interesting as this special is now focuses on Mashiro’s woes as both a person and a band member. I hope that she’ll recover from her anxiety on the next episode!

For now, I’m eager to see more of Morfonica as they’re a nice and unique addition to the BanG Dream! universe.

Oh yeah, it’s nice that this first episode ends with Mashiro looking at the butterfly. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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