BanG Dream! Morfonication Episode #02

Well everyone, we’re now at the 2nd episode of BanG Dream! Morfonication where Morfonica is having a crisis regarding their upcoming summer plans.

Speaking of Touko Kirigaya, she fears that her plans for a sleepover at Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy would be rejected.

However, Rui Yashio told them that the their plans for a sleepover has approved with the caveat that they must produce a song afterwards. I mean, they can’t just host a summer camp without producing some results.

But anyways, it’s time for the rest of Morfonica to invite Mashiro Kurata for a sleepover at Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy. But wait a minute, where’s her school uniform?

Well, they’re fully-prepared for it as Touko Kirigaya and her friends brought a spare uniform. Nice to see them giving a spare uniform for Mashiro-chan.

And so, it’s time for their summer camp to begin where they want to have fun first before moving onto some brainstorming. C’mon, they need to relieve some stress from academic work and band duties.

Anyways, Morfonica spend their entire summer camp exploring the entire Tsukinomori campus. Sure that they have nice facilities but having an empty academy is really surreal for these girls.

Of course, there’s the occasional hijinks like a pillow fight at the auditorium in which Tsukushi Futaba and Nanami Hiromachi are competing to see who’s the best pillow thrower. Glad that they’re having fun!

Now then, here’s Rui Yashio where she managed to finish her composition for Morfonica’s new song. It’s surprising that Rui is a talented composer in addition to being a serious violinist.

Now that the composition is done, it’s time for the lyrics in which Mashiro Kurata is responsible for writing it.

However, despite their efforts in taking her to various activities during summer camp, Mashiro couldn’t write one line as she’s still haunted by her former classmates who think that she hasn’t changed at all.

While the likes of Touko Kirigaya and Tsukushi Futaba tries to cheer her up, Mashiro resisted and left the school premises.

In any case, it takes a lot of convincing towards Kurata to stop being so negative and prove to everyone that she’s special. But first, they need to bring Mashiro back to the school campus.

And seriously, Morfonica won’t be complete without their frontwoman as Rui Yashio will do anything to help Mashiro Kurata out. All they need is a little bit of heart-to-heart talk.

With that said, Mashiro told everybody about her anxieties and fears that she’s the person who hasn’t changed a lot ever since joining Morfonica.

They think that she’s just a normal girl but the truth is that Kurata is special where she’s a good singer and a writer who makes lyrics based on her dreams. In fact, she’s the only one who can see butterflies and other otherworldly beings, it’s just that Mashiro sees noises right now due to her current predicament.

Now that the rest of Morfonica knows Mashiro’s woes, it’s time for them to understand and talk over it.

But first, time for some fireworks as Touko Kirigaya launched one rocket across the sky. Gotta say that Mashiro Kurata was surprised to see a fireworks display, albeit a short one.

And here’s Touko where she apologized for being insensitive towards Mashiro earlier. While she doesn’t have any bad intentions as she wants to cheer Kurata up, at least Kirigaya knows how to be considerate in someone’s feelings.

Aside from Kirigaya, there’s Tsukushi Futaba where she praises Mashiro’s creativity as her dreams sometimes manifests into reality. Of course, none of the audience would notice Mashiro’s imagination.

And finally, here’s Nanami Hiromachi where there’s nothing to be afraid in proving how special she is towards other people.

The reason why Nanami is telling it to Touka is because she experienced it when she made wrong assumptions on how everyone think of her, especially when she has artistic talent.

In any case, looks like Mashiro Kurata finally understands that there’s no need to make wrong assumptions towards people as she needs to overcome her fears in order to prove everyone that she changed a lot.

Now then, here’s Rui Yashio where she gave a sparkler to Mashiro Kurata. C’mon, it’s summer season after all!

And so, Mashiro light up a sparkler in which she’s pretty amazed by it. I bet that she’ll have some inspiration upon-

Oh wait, she finally reached nirvana as Mashiro can see the vibrant dream world again, complete with a giant whale. Looks like Kurata found some inspiration in writing some lyrics for Morfonica’s next song.

Thanks to their summer camp at Tsukinomori Girls’ Academy, Morfonica finally finished their latest song titled “Yorube no Sunny, Sunny” where they perform it at a large venue.

And as you can see, Morfonica really dig it with their new song as it’s really good, even the fans love it!

I have to say that this two-part special is interesting where it not only introduces the newest girls’ band in BanG Dream!, but also highlights Mashiro Kuruta’s struggles and fears until she overcomes it thanks to her bandmates.

One more thing, here are Mashiro’s former classmates from middle school where they realized how much Mashiro Kurata has changes upon becoming the frontwoman of Morfonica. Glad that they made the right impression towards Mashiro.

And that’s about it for BanG Dream! Morfonication, a nice two-episode special featuring Morfonica. Let’s hope that Bushiroad’s girls’ band franchise will continue to be successful for years to come!

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