Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. 2 Episode #01

Meet Kaede as she returns to play New World Online or NWO for short as the cute shield-wielding warrior Maple.

This is Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. or Bofuri for short where it has another season.

Anyways, Maple’s guild known as Maple Tree traveled to a new area where it’s based on a Japanese motif. It’s basically ancient Japan where it’s filled with strong monsters as Chrome goes all out.

Of course, there are some people like Mai and Yui decides to take a leisurely pace as they take a rickshaw ride across the city. While they can walk, the problem is that Mai and Yui has poor speed or agility stats.

One more thing, looks like Sally is being challenged by Frederica where she wants to land one hit against the swash-buckling adventurer. Then again, Frederica might not land a hit at all as she lost to Sally yet again.

Still, Frederica won’t give up until she beats Sally once and for all. Oh I wish her good luck for making countermeasures against Sally’s agility.

Now then, let’s return to Maple where she saw a familiar adventurer. Wait, isn’t that Mii from the Flame Emperors?

Not to mention that she changed her appearance. What’s going on with Mii?

Oh, she wants to cuddle some cats. I’m really surprised that Mii, a strong warrior, has a cute side hidden from public view!

However, it looks like Maple managed to see Mii’s embarrassing side. Let’s hope that the shielder won’t tell everyone about Mii’s secret hobby.

Moving onto Kasumi where she’s fighting a floating katana. Fortunately, she managed to beat this special monster, albeit barely, as Kasumi almost died upon fighting it.

But, this gives Kasumi a powerful katana where it has some special abilities. But there are drawbacks which I’ll discuss it later.

Still, Kasumi’s new weapon is devastating where she can summon two or more swords and throws them towards the enemy until it’s defeated. Oh, and as for the drawbacks?

Well, using Kasumi’s weapon would regress her age where she becomes a child. I hope that the likes of Shin or even Maple won’t see her in this state.

Now then, it’s time for various players to participate in a special event where they must kill monsters until they got a Christmas box, albeit random ’cause it’s a surprise gift from the admins.

Oh yeah, here’s Maple where she transformed into a Machine God and summoned two monsters that bears resemblance to her Atrocity transformation skill. She’s beyond impossible that I have no words to describe her!

One more thing, here’s Payne where despite Maple’s unstoppable power, he’s still the number one player in New World Online.

In any case, Payne and the Order of the Holy Sword is still the top favorites in this Christmas event.

Now then, looks like Payne encountered a monster… only to find out that it’s actually Maple in her Atrocity form.

And speaking of Maple, I found it jarring that she’s acting cute and having a nice conversation with Payne despite looking like a diabolical boss character. Please don’t eat him next time, Maple!

Anyway, Payne and Maple are fighting monsters in hopes of getting those event-exclusive goodies.

You know something, if they combined their powers, they’ll become unstoppable that the admin team might have to do some drastic measures to nerf both players.

Then again, it seems that Maple has some flaws where she’s still clumsy as demonstrated here when Maple accidentally hit the tree and got covered by raw honey as she can’t get up.

Yeah, I have to say that Payne will remain as the top player of New World Online due to Maple’s clumsiness. Still, I’m hoping that she’ll get those prizes.

Now let’s end this episode where Maple invited some of her guildmates, as well as those from both Flame Emperors and the Order of the Holy Sword for a Christmas party. Isn’t it nice that Maple Tree hold a large party on Christmas Day?

Oh yeah, looks like Iz and Kanade got some presents during the event. Now then, I guess it’s time for everyone to open their Christmas gifts!

Wow, looks like their event-exclusive gifts are actually Christmas costumes. It’s very generous that NWO would give something special for the holidays, but what about Maple?

Oh, she got a special reindeer costume. Not sure if this is good or bad, but at least Maple got something unique to start the 2nd season of Bofuri. Anyways, I’m looking forward on the next episode!

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