Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack Episode #02

Oh look, it’s the art club president as she’s here to check on her sole junior member. On second thought, it appears that her junior is getting a bit dull lately ever since the art exhibition ended.

So, the club president gave two tickets to her junior as she wanted him to go to the zoo and refresh his artistic memory. That’s pretty considerate from the club president.

Of course, Mr. Sempai won’t invite the club president as she might go out there in the nude. Come to think of it, is the club president a nudist at home?

Anyways, the club president ask Hayase Nagatoro to join her underclassman at the zoo.

Why? That’s because the club president knows what Nagatoro-san is thinking, but she can’t spit it out ’cause Nagatoro continues to tease him.

But anyways, here’s Nagatoro-san and Mr. Sempai where they went to the zoo. While Hayase enjoys watching weird animals…

…the nameless senior sketches his subject. Yeah, this is not a date by the way as Nagatoro got really disappointed!

Of course, rather than ditch her spineless upperclassman, Nagatoro asked her senior to teach her how to draw. Oh, and she want it personal and intimate.

In any case, time for Mr. Sempai to teach Hayase Nagatoro how to sketch some animals. And the only way to teach her is to hold Nagatoro’s hand, which she calls him a pervert as always.

Thanks to the nameless upperclassman, Nagatoro managed to draw an elephant.

Sure that it looks childish compared to Sempai’s realistic sketch, but it’s a good start.

Except for these two jerkasses who mock Nagatoro’s childish drawing. Okay you two, you shouldn’t mock someone who started out doing sketches.

Even Sempai calls them out for berating Nagatoro’s drawing. Um Sempai, you’re gonna get bullied if you defend Hayase Nagatoro like that!

Fortunately, Nagatoro-san arrives to tell these two uncultured low-lives that she’s the one who made that childish drawing of an elephant.

Basically, don’t try to bully the nameless upperclassman as she’s the one who can do it, although Nagatoro shouldn’t bully Sempai until graduation.

But yes, Nagatoro managed to save her weak senior from the wrath of these two assholes. Thank goodness that Nagatoro is here to defend her sempai at any given time.

And now, let’s end this episode where they continue their sketching session. Of course, I wonder why would Nagatoro would stand far away from Mr. Sempai.

And speaking of the nameless upperclassman, he finished sketching a sloth where it’s well-detailed. Now let’s see if Nagatoro is-

Oh, she draw one of the rarest species on Earth, the hairless virgin sloth.

Oh Nagatoro, you and your cheeky antics as your latest drawing looks cartoonish compared to your previous one.

Well then, looks like I’m done with Episode 2 as I’ll see you next time!

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