Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Episode #02

Let’s being with Aoto Endou, a former baseball player turned commentator as he went to the Kobayashi residence to play MagiKoi. Gotta say that Shihono’s house looked like a mansion judging from its large size.

Oh yeah, here’s Chiyono Kobayashi, Shihono’s older sister where she told Aoto that Shihono is waiting for him. I thought Chiyono is gonna seduce Aoto Endou.

But anyways, here’s Aoto Endou where he gave some pudding to Shihono Kobayashi. And one more thing, he told Shihono that he played the fandisc known as “Lieselotte’s Memoir” where it dedicated to Lieselotte Riefenstahl’s perspective.

His reaction? Total devastation where Liese couldn’t express her love towards Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen and envies Fiene’s free spirit in which the villainess became a depressed girl until the true final boss, known as the Witch of Yore, took over Lieselotte’s body and becomes a monster.

Gotta say that Aoto Endou really sympathizes Lieselotte Riefenstahl as he wants to save the villainess from her terrible fate. Of course, it’s not just him as Shihono wants to save Lieselotte as well since she already played the fandisc.

Anyways, time for Endou and Kobayashi to play MagiKoi where they begin with Fiene who is eating a comical chunk of meat. Of course, she’s not the main focus on this episode.

That’s because Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi are focused on Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen’s interaction with Lieselotte Riefenstahl, although the villainess warned her fiancé about showing his affection in public.

On the other hand, looks like Shihono Kobayashi wants to watch over Lieselotte and guide her way towards the good ending.

Unfortunately, she and Aoto Endou can only guide Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen where he’s the only one who can hear their voices.

Ah never mind, turns out that they have the power to guide any character in Magical Koishite as Lieselotte Riefenstahl can now hear the voices of both Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi.

But speaking of Endou, he wants to save another character who will suffer a terrible fate when fighting the Witch of Yore. Said character happened to be Lieselotte’s cousin Baldur.

And lo and behold, Baldur received guidance from both Endou and Kobayashi. I have to admit that both players can finally talk to characters, although Aoto and Shihono should be careful in delivering some spoilers.

But thanks to Endou and Kobayashi, it appears that Lieselotte and Baldur swore themselves to protect Prince Siegwald and the entire kingdom.

Even though they look silly, it’s assuring that Lieselotte and Baldur are committed towards the crown prince. Now then, it’s time to find Artur Richter where he should appear at some point.

Oh, looks like Artur is here where he told Prince Siegwald that there are rumors about him chasing a first-year student. Wait a minute, is he talking about the heroine Fiene?

Moreover, is Artur receiving guidance from that nameless model who appeared at the end of Episode 1? Regardless, Prince Siegwald wants to disprove those rumors as his relationship with Lieselotte is still good.

Now then, it’s time for Artur Richter to learn Fiene’s capabilities as he and Baldur Riefenstahl will fight the heroine.

But wait a minute, Fiene is a mage as she can only use her wooden stick to cast spells, so there’s no way she can defend herself against a tough warrior like Baldur.

Speaking of Fiene, it appears that she’s gonna use her fists to beat her opponents, but I doubt that she can bring two love interests-

Oh crap, seems that Fiene gave them a nice megaton punch to both Artur and Baldur. What’s going on here?

Wait a minute, did I just saw Fiene’s stats? How did she managed to have Level 99 in a dating sim game?

You know something, I have a feeling that the model made Fiene into a powerhouse since he’s a big fan of the heroine.

But still, she can kill the Witch of Yore in a single shot as Kobayashi and Endou are really surprised to learn Fiene’s impossible stats. Of course, they want to know what Lieselotte thinks.

Well, the villainess told Fiene to use her spare wand it’s more durable than Fiene’s wooden stick. It’s nice that the villainess is helping the heroine instead of acting like a bitch.

And as for Prince Siegwald? He was astonished by Lieselotte’s kindness as he compliment his fiancé for being considerate towards Fiene.

Anyways, looks like Prince Siegwald’s words made Lieselotte blush even further as her skin turn into beet red. As expected from the tsundere villainess, Liese-tan is so cute!

But that’s about it for this episode where thanks to Endou and Kobayashi, they managed to improve Lieselotte’s reputation thanks to their motivation to save the villainess from her terrible fate.

Well then, I’ll see you next time where both Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi will have to find the rest of the MagiKoi cast and convince them to save Lieselotte Riefenstahl.

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