D4DJ All Mix Episode #02

Looks like there’s a problem regarding the town revitalization event as none of the students from Arisugawa Academy or even outside of it are aware that the event exists.

Well, there’s Peaky P-key where they made a stunning performance in the previous episode. But outside of Peaky P-key, no one knows about the town revitalization event. So what’s going on?

Oh, turns out that the town’s website is not only outdated, but there’s little to no information regarding the event. This screams “Graphic Design is my passion!” whenever I see a website made in the 90’s.

While the city hall staff will need to recruit some web designers, Miyu Sakurada and her friends will need another way to create more buzz.

That’s where Muni Ohnaruto called an influencer/DJ named Michiru Kaibara where the only way to create buzz is to make a video.

By the way, Michiru Kaibara was a participant in the D4 Fes in which Happy Around! won over her in one of the earlier rounds.

Anyways, Muni Ohnaruto told everybody that they need to create a video in promoting the event. Heck, they can ask other DJ units for help.

And so, it’s time for record some footage for the video presentation. Oh, and they need to act natural or nobody is gonna notice that an event is coming to town.

But let’s begin with Haruna Kasuga where she shows the venue of the upcoming town revitalization event, which is held on a vacant store building at Hoki Shopping District.

Afterwards, it’s time for the usual “cute girls doing cute things” montage starting with both Happy Around! and Photon Maiden.

While Saki Izumo and the rest are acting prim and proper at the local shrine, Rinku Aimoto almost burned herself upon eating a freshly-cooked croquette. Silly Rinku!

There’s also Peaky P-key and Merm4id where they’re taking care of their bodies, although the former is doing some hardcore training where Yuka Jennifer Sasago trains her teammates until they achieve 6-pack abs.

Now then, where’s RONDO? Are they not gonna show their secret night club Alter Ego?

Just kidding, seems that RONDO allowed Lyrical Lily to film at Alter Ego as they want to show what it feels like to enter the exclusive night club.

Looks like the recording is done as they’ll have to edit them together until the final product is finished.

After some editing, the promotional video is complete where it airs across town. Looks like everyone knows that there will be an event at Hoki Shopping District.

Even Arisugawa Academy knows about the town revitalization event as Miyu Sakurada is happy that it’s gaining traction.

Now, Lyrical Lily will have to pull all the stops during the event as I’ll see you next time!

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