Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei Episode #03

Let’s begin this episode where Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia created a new magic item to Euphyllia Magenta.

Oh boy, I hope that her new item is safe to use but on the other hand, Anis should have kept her item in a bag instead of under her skirt.

This is a mana blade where despite looking like a knife, it can create a blade using magic. This is perfect for Euphie since she’s a genius magician.

And as you can see, Euphie managed to create a magic blade out of thin air. Looks like Anis’ magicology is working wonders.

Aside from testing out the mana blade, Euphyllia Magenta tries her hand in riding Anisphia’s magic broom.

Wait a minute, I remember that Anis’ broom has stability problems when flying in the air. I mean, Anis crashed into the ballroom on the first episode.

Regardless of whether it can’t handle Euphie’s magic or it’s just that Anis forgot to put some fine adjustments, Euphyllia made a crash landing thanks to Anisphia’s faulty magic broom. I hope she’s alright!

And speaking of Anis, she apologize for letting Euphie ride on her faulty broom stick. Man, I’m scared that she might get angry towards the princess.

However, seems that she’s fine as Euphie found it enjoyable when testing out Anis’ crazy inventions.

Still, she needs to sort things out with the Palettia royal family in the wake of her engagement being called off by Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia.

Oh yeah, it appears that Crown Prince Algard’s breaking off his engagement with Euphyllia isn’t the only case as as there are some people don’t want to marry someone that set by their parents. Take the son of Count Chartreuse who might want to marry his fiancé as he’ll choose to marry someone on his own free will.

By the way, Count Chartreuse is part of the conservative faction who not only opposes the reformists, but might oppose his son’s decision. I mean, he already pick a woman for his son.

Still, King Orfans Von Palettia will have to deal with the fallout his son’s decision to break off his engagement as he’s about to talk to Euphyllia Magenta.

And here she is as Euphyllia was saddened that Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia won’t change his mind as he’ll marry Baroness Lainie Cyan in the future.

One more thing, Euphyllia wants to return something important to King Orfans as she has no right to use it.

This is the key leading to the forbidden library as Euphyllia Magenta no longer has the permission to use it. Really sad that after being disowned by her former fiancé, Euphie is losing everything she has.

While King Orfans is concerned regarding Euphyllia’s well-being, she told the king that she’s okay even though Euphie is emotionally devastated.

One more thing, it appears that the maids are still working on her wedding dress even though Euphyllia is no longer betrothed to Crown Prince Algard.

Sure that the wedding dress will be used by Lainie Cyan, it’s really tragic that there’s nothing left for her. Of course, there’s Anisphia where she took Euphie as her assistant.

And speaking of Anis, looks like she’s done creating her latest item. Okay Anis, why are you wearing jumpers instead of your proper dress?

Anyways, Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia created a new weapon as an improvement of her mana blade.

It’s a rapier named Arc-en-ciel where it can casts magic effectively. And as you can see, Euphyllia Magenta can casts fireballs with ease as her new weapon is an extension to her body.

But yes, even though she lost everything, Euphyllia gained a few things now that she became Anisphia’s assistant. There’s really a silver lining in her life.

As for Anis, she was awe-struck when Euphie used Arc-en-ciel gracefully. Well then, let’s hope that their partnership continues on the next episode where they’ll create amazing things together!

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  1. momomanamu says:

    I really feel bad for Euphyllia, she’s been put through so much hardship because of that prince. I hope she can find some joy in making and testing new inventions with Anis.

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