Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #03

Well now, it appears that Mitsuha Yamano has arrived at Count Claus von Bozes’ domain, but the guards told her to leave unless she has a formal invitation from the count.

It’s sucks that Mitsuha can’t get into the manor as she’s aiming to get rich! So, what would she do now?

Fortunately, opportunity arises when Mitsuha Yamano saw a carriage carrying Count Claus von Bozes’ sons named Alexis and Theodore. Of course, she can’t just stop the carriage by showing herself in front of them.

So, Mitsuha decides to do the dirtiest trick by setting up some firecrackers to scare off the horses.

And then followed by falling herself to the ground as Mitsuha pretended that she was being chases by beasts and collapsed.

While it’s a nice plan, I doubt that the nobles would pick Mitsuha up since she’s trying to deceive them.

Surprisingly enough, she was saved by as Alexis and Theodore von Bozes took Mitsuha Yamano to their manor.

And here’s Count Claus von Bozes where he felt a sigh of relief that the girl is still alive.

Come to think of it, everyone in this fantasy world are right that Count Claus von Bozes is actually a good noble, unlike FUNA’s previous work where most of the nobility are scheming scumbags.

Still, it’s bad that Mitsuha would take advantage of his kindness but anyways, she’s already inside the manor as it’s time for Mitsuha to show her stuff.

By the way, she wants to be called as Mitsuha von Yamano who came from a high-class family in Japan, even though she’s actually an office lady who lost her family.

Anyways, Mitsuha showed a multipurpose utility knife (or the famous Swiss Army Knife) to the entire Bozes family where they’re amazed on how many tools can be fit in a small package.

Oh yeah, Mitsuha von Yamano told Count Claus von Bozes that she would like to stay in their manor for a few days as she doesn’t have money to rent a carriage, despite the fact that she’s carrying a scooter. Oh, and it’s dangerous to return home as there are bandits that might kidnap her, even though Mitsuha is carrying a firearm to fend them off.

Despite her reasoning, Count Claus von Bozes accepted her plea as they let Mitsuha von Yamano to stay at their mansion.

Oh by the way, she has a spare dress where Mitsuha von Yamano is looking gorgeous today, although her chest seems to be lacking.

Now then, it’s time for Mitsuha to tell her sad story where her parents and her brother died due to a succession crisis that went overboard, although the truth is that her entire family died in an accident.

One more thing, she’s planning to sell her mother’s pearl necklace in order to order to fund her business.

However, Claus’ wife Iris told Mitsuha that it’s foolish to sell her necklace where pearls are actually valuable.

By the way Mitsuha, I want to know if your necklace are actually made from genuine pearls that were meticulously cultured by artisans?

Looks like selling her pearl necklace is a no-go as Mitsuha will have to sell something less-valuable.

Of course, she’ll have to pull it out from her secret compartment where everyone is really embarrassed upon seeing Mitsuha’s legs.

Okay Mitsuha Yamano, are you trying to become an assassin by showing your secret weapon?

Anyways, Mitsuha shows her switchblade where it’s useful for fending off assailants. It’s a nice weapon for ladies too as Mitsuha von Yamano will sell it for one gold coin.

This includes Beatrice von Bozes where having a switchblade is perfect for a 13 year old girl who has a larger pair of breasts than Mitsuha. God, can’t believe that the girls in this fantasy world are either strong and have bigger assets.

Anyways, it appears that the Bozes are really fond of Mitsuha von Yamano as they’re gonna adopt her as their daughter.

But you know what, it seems that Mitsuha remembers the time where her family are still alive in her own country.

Upon seeing the entire Bozes family, she’s gotten sentimental as Mitsuha really missed her parents and her older brother.

Well then, I have to say that Mitsuha is getting teary-eyed as her old family is really important to her.

Anyways, let’s end this episode where Count Claus von Bozes gives Mitsuha von Yamano a warm hug. And since she’s planning to set up a general store at the capital, I’m hoping that the count would give her some money as capital for her business.

With that said, let’s hope that Mitsuha Yamano succeeds in her venture at the fantasy world as I’ll see you next time!

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