The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode #03

Well look what we have here, Amane’s mother Shihoko has arrived to check her son to see if he’s okay, although he doesn’t want her mom pry further into his apartment.

Oh wait Amane Fujimiya, are you hiding something dangerous from your own mother? What if you’re hiding a-

Oh, it’s Mahiru Shiina. Wait a minute, how come Mahiru is inside Amane’s room? This is really bad as Shihoko suspects that her son did something dirty towards this angel!

Anyways, Amane explains to his mother Shihoko that he and Mahiru are not dating, it’s just that she’s taking care of him since they’re neighbors.

Still, Shihoko Fujimiya is happy that a cute girl like Mahiru Shiina is looking over her son Amane as she wished that their relationship would blossom further. Of course, most of them in Seijo High School would oppose their relationship since Mahiru is a model student.

Now then, looks like Mahiru Shiina received a cake from Amane Fujimiya where he congratulates her for taking the top spot in the second semester finals exam.

And as you can see, Mahiru’s expression widened upon eating a slice of cake. She really deserves to have one slice of cake for her hard work.

Then again, she doesn’t want to take all the cake by herself as Mahiru Shiina wants to share it with Amane Fujimiya. C’mon Amane-kun, you’re a lucky man to receive a serving of cake from Mahiru!

In any case, looks like Amane managed to eat a piece of cake from Mahiru. What a lucky guy to be spoiled by an angel!

The next day, Amane Fujimiya is learning how to cook food with the help from Mahiru Shiina. Sure that he’s receiving delicious meals from Mahiru, but Amane doesn’t want to rely on her kindness all the time.

Regardless, he managed to cook his own food where Amane made stir-fried vegetables and scrambled eggs. I’m not sure if they’re edible or not as it’s his first time making meals by himself.

Anyways, it’s time to hear the verdict from Mahiru Shiina where upon eating Amane’s food, she said that while it’s edible, it needs a lot of work.

Still, Amane Fujimiya is trying his best to learn from the angel rather than taking advantage of her kindness.

One last thing, looks like Itsuki Akasawa and Chitose Shirakawa are staying at Amane’s apartment as they want to celebrate Christmas Day together. Let’s hope that Itsuki and Chi-chan won’t sully Amane’s bed if you know what I mean.

Also, I’m hoping that they won’t see Mahiru Shiina as she’s actually Amane Fujimiya’s apartment neighbor. It would be bad if Itsuki and Chi-chan knows that the honor student is-

Oh wait, this is really awkward to end this episode as Itsuki Akasawa and Chitose Shirakawa saw Mahiru Shiina at the balcony. It won’t be long before they connect the dots and learn that both Mahiru and Amane are neighbors.

Well then, what an interesting episode where not only Amane’s mother Shihoko knows his relationship with Mahiru, but also both Itsuki and Chitose where I’m hoping that they won’t blow it out of proportions.

Aside from that, it’s still a cute episode where Mahiru’s lively expression is the best part whenever she eats something sweet. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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