Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha Episode #03

Let’s begin with Ryohei Yamanouchi where he’s here to say hi to both Sae Fujiwara and Nakazaki-san.

Speaking of Yamanouchi, he learned that Sae is actually Shuu’s sister, although Sae told Ryohei to keep her presence a secret to her brother.

Anyways, it’s time for Kirisaki High School to show their stuff at the regional tournament. Here’s Shuu Fujiwara where he’s about to shoot his arrow to the target.

As you can see, Shuu hits his target as Sae-chan and her butler are astonished over his performance. In any case, Kirisaki moves onto the next round.

Now then, looks like Kazemai High School will face Tsujimine High School in the 2nd round of the regional tournament.

And here’s Eisuke Nikaido where he wants to say hi to both Minato Narumiya and Seiya Takehaya. While he’s pretty much chill, let’s not forget that Nikaido is a serious kyudo practicioner.

In fact, he told his teammates to correct their posture for the upcoming match against Kazemai. Basically, Eisuke and the rest won’t afford to lose against Kazemai High School’s kyudo club.

Anyways, here’s Tsujimine High School’s kyudo club where I have to say that Eisuke Nikaido, Koshiro Fuwa, and the rest of the members are firing their arrows at their own pace instead of an orderly fashion.

And speaking of Tsujimine High School, they’re using a different form of kyudo called shamen uchikoshi form where it shows actual utility rather than etiquette. Basically, they’re aiming for technique rather than grace.

Despite their pace, Tsujimine High School scored most of the hits as Rika Seo, Noa Shiragiku, and Yuna Hanazawa are really surprised that they’re actually good at kyudo. But what about Kazemai High School?

Well, it appears that they’re trying to take down Tsujimine High School by outscoring them, including Minato Narumiya who tries to achieve a perfect score and help his teammates.

But despite Narumiya’s efforts, Kazemai High School lost to Tsujimine High School where Nikaido and his team scored 17 hits compared to 13 hits from Kazemai. Looks like their luck has ran out.

Now then, here’s Kaito Onogi where instead of being angry at everybody, he apologize for letting his teammates down.

But it’s not just Kaito Onogi, but the likes of Nanao Kisaragi and Ryohei Yamanouchi performed terribly during the regional tournament.

It appears that they’re affected by Tsujimine High School’s pacing but there’s more than being caught off-guard by Eisuke Nikaido and his team.

Unfortunately for Tsujimine High School, the winner of the regional tournament is actually Kirisaki High School where Shuu Fujiwara and his team beat them with the score of 19 shots to Kirisaki’s 16 shots.

This means that Kirisaki High School qualifies for the national tournament which they’re still the favorites to win.

Of course, while Eisuke Nikaido doesn’t have any hard feelings as he congratulates Shuu Fujiwara for having his team win the regionals, Nikaido told him that his school will take the crown in the national tournament.

All I can say is that the competition is getting pretty intense with Tsujimine High School’s kyudo club taking 2nd place at the regional tournament, on top of winning the qualifiers for the nationals.

One last thing, looks like Masaki Takigawa told Minato Narumiya that he’ll be taken out of the lineup until Minato figure it out on why and how he and his teammates lose against Tsujimine High School.

While it’s a surprising decision from the coach, looks like Narumiya will have some time to reflect himself about his defeat at the hands of Nikaido.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where the boys from Kazemai High School’s kyudo club will have to find answers through self-reflection. I’m hoping that they’ll bounce back from this setback.

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