Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. 2 Episode #02

Let’s begin with Kanade where he uses his magic to ensnare this nine-tailed fox until it can no longer move. Of course, this boss is still tough to beat.

That’s where Kasumi decides to use her Bewitched Sword to destroy the boss monster, using her ultimate skill Purple Phantom Blade to finish it off.

While the drawback would be significant as she’ll regress her appearance upon using her forbidden technique, Kasumi managed to deal lots of damage towards the nine-tailed fox.

However, the nine-tailed fox proved to be a tough boss as Chrome decides to give both Mai and Yui a nice push towards the boss since they have low AGI.

Thanks to Mai and Yui giving it a double whack to the boss, the nine-tailed fox is defeated.

Oh and the best part? They didn’t rely on Maple’s absurdly broken skills to defeat it as they’ll move onto the next level.

Unfortunately, there’s one hiccup on Kasumi’s part where using her Bewitched Sword would regress her body to that of a child.

For Kasumi, it’s really embarrassing to let anyone see her child form after using the cursed katana.

Still, it’s a great achievement that they defeated the boss without the shield warrior, but where’s Maple?

Well, she’s on another dimension where Maple is fighting a Tower Keeper Oni. Surely, she would destroy this boss character with her Machine God form, right?

Oh wait, it appears that the Tower Keeper Oni penetrated Maple’s armor. Oh noes, our cute shielder got really hurt!

Fortunately, Maple has a secret skill where she uses Break Core to create a powerful explosion.

Let’s hope that she survives the explosion as Maple tries to defeat the Oni. It would be bad if the boss is still alive.

But speaking of who survived the explosion, here’s Maple where she’s still alive. But what about the Oni as he’s currently knocked down?

Oh, he’s still breathing as the Tower Keeper Oni admits his loss. Sure that this boss character is still alive but man, the Oni really loves to fight strong characters.

In any case, the Oni congratulates Maple for beating him as he give something to the cute shield warrior with a skill known as Pandemonium I.

It explains that Pandemonium I summons both red and blue oni for one minute where their stats will depend on Maple’s skill level. Well then, looks like Maple will like to try it out.

On second thought, I have to say that Maple has become even more powerful where she not only summons two onis, but also an army of yokai.

For Frederica, Dread, and various New World Online players, they’re pretty much lost their minds as Maple’s new skill is overpowered!

Anyways, looks like Maple can finally move onto the next level as she finally beat the nine-tailed fox.

Now let’s move onto Level 5 where Maple encountered Mai and Yui. Unfortunately, the twins needed her help as they got beaten by a specific monster.

Said monster happened to be a menacing floating mask who can cast lighting bolts to its target.

But thanks to Maple’s Loving Sacrifice, fighting this boss is pretty manageable for Mai and Yui. I mean, they’re pretty much immune to electricity.

Anyways, Mai and Yui got their revenge by beating the floating mask with a good whack of their hammers.

As for their rewards, the twins can use lightning spells, meaning that they electrocute monsters by swinging their hammers at them.

Oh yeah, it’s not just the twins who got a reward, but also Maple where she has a special reward as well. You’ll find out later…

But let’s move onto Level 6 where it’s a horror-themed world. By the way, Sally doesn’t like ghosts and other creepy creatures as she’s stuck inside a mansion situated in the west side of Level 6.

West Mansion? No, that can’t be a shout-out to Namco’s horror-themed arcade beat ’em up Splatterhouse!

Fortunately, Maple is here to the rescue where she used her new item to protect Sally from ghouls.

By the way, this is the item where Maple earned upon beating the floating mask. It’s called the Throne of the Heavenly King where it has holy properties, can restores HP, and seals enemy skills.

All I can say is that Maple is sitting pretty for being the most overpowered character in NWO!

Thanks to Maple, looks like Sally got out of the mansion as she’s pretty much shaken after being confronted by ghosts.

Unfortunately, her ordeal isn’t done as two severed hands grabbed Sally’s shoulders. Looks like she’s gonna break hives soon as Sally couldn’t stand those ghosts anymore!

However, it appears that Sally got a new skill after surviving inside West Mansion for longer periods. Wait, this is so absurd where Sally earned a skill just by running around the mansion like a screaming girl!

But still, at least Sally is alive thanks to Maple as they finally arrived in Level 6. Well then, I’ll see you next time for more hijinks in New World Online.

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