Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. 2 Episode #03

Let’s stay in Level 6 for this new episode as Sally is not here today. Instead, there’s Maple where she’s chasing two ghosts at West Mansion.

However, Maple fell down to a trap down where she’ll be stuck there for all eternity. Man, what will Maple do to get out of this dire situation?

Simple, all she needs to do is use Psychokinesis to not only float herself in mid-air, but also create a set of armor using slimes as the pit has lots of them.

Of course, Maple will use the slimes to capture both ghosts as she really wants to gain the reward for completing it.

However, upon capturing the ghosts, they somewhat glitching in and out of existence.

Oh, I hope they’ll award Maple after completing the quest but man, I’m concerned that New World Online is starting to unravel its instabilities thanks to her overpowered skills.

Even the admin is aware that Maple’s existence might break the game until it’s no longer playable.

Looks like they need to do something in order to counteract the shielder’s overpowered stats and skills.

But first, it’s time for Maple to give a rare item to Sally as she can’t go to Level 6 by herself. I mean, she’s pretty traumatized after the previous episode.

By the way, looks like Maple is wearing a new outfit which she got it as a reward for capturing those ghosts earlier.

Meanwhile, here’s Mii where even though she’s the aloof leader of the Flame Emperors, acting tough in front of her guildmates is pretty tiring that Mii wants to cuddle kittles once in a while.

Now then, it’s time for a new event where various players will tackle monsters in separate areas. This means that both the Order of the Holy Sword and Maple Tree will fight different bosses.

Oh yes, here’s Maple where she took Sally in her floating wool armor while equipped with Machine God weapons. She’s not only cute, but also powerful to boot!

And speaking of her Machine God form, it appears that there’s Version 2 of her ability as it doesn’t look bulky. Anyways, she and Sally will fight a boss monster…

…which turn out to be a floating book. Oh it’s the most spookiest thing ever!

But you know what, this is easy-peasy for Maple and Sally as they’re gonna overwhelm this boss.

Anyways, here’s Maple where she unleash everything towards the floating book… until it’s revealed that it can steal skills away from a player.

This means that the boss character might be the Achilles’ heel to Maple’s dominance where she can no longer use her powerful skills such as Machine God, Atrocity, etc.

Looks like the admin team did a great job of nerfing Maple, but there’s one tiny problem. They left Sally out of the equation.

So while Maple is trying to endure the boss’ attacks, Sally is trying to find a way to beat the floating book in which it uses Maple’s Machine God skill to overwhelm her. Let’s hope that she can dodge some lasers!

Speaking of Maple, it appears that she was eaten by one of the book’s stolen abilities. I’m worried that she might lose her head in both in-game and in real life!

Fortunately, Sally managed to save Maple as she throws some fireballs towards the floating books. Wait, did the boss monster suddenly made tons clones of itself?

But no matter then as Sally defeated the floating book, meaning that Maple managed to retrieve her overpowered skills.

Looks like the admin team lost the battle, but the war to nerf Maple has just begun!

But let’s move onto the next stage where Maple and Sally are gonna fight a fire golem, although I have to say that the duo destroyed the boss monster with ease.

That’s until the golem changes its element from fire to ice where it freezes the entire lava cave into thick ice.

Also, both Maple and Sally might die from hypothermia as they need to do something to beat this ice golem as soon as possible.

Then again, Maple decides to transform into a kaiju using her Atrocity skill where this ice golem got chomped by the shield monster. That’s anti-climatic!

Anyways, the admin team might need to come up with a better strategy to counteract Maple’s ever-increasing broken skills. They got so close in beating the shield warrior, but the admin team forgot to deal with her friend Sally.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where the event continues. Who will win, the admin team or the strongest duo in Maple Tree? We’ll find out on the next episode!

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