Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #04

Here’s Mitsuha Yamano where she established a general store at the capital thanks to the Bozes family where they provided the funds to start her business.

Now, Mitsuha is promoting her store to everybody. Let’s hope that they would come to her shop!

Except that it didn’t happen as nobody came to Mitsuha’s general store as they’re either gross out with her strange items or they’re basically have no idea on what to do with Mitsuha’s items from her world.

That’s until a trio of girls have appeared to check Mitsuha’s general store, although they might leave afterwards as Anke, Britta, and Carla didn’t found something they desire.

Anyways, time for Mitsuha Yamano to act like a saleswoman as she demonstrates her items from her world to her first batch of customers. Heck, Mitsuha will give it for free in exchange for promoting her shop.

So first off, Mitsuha demonstrates the power of shampoo where it washes the hair until it’s fully-clean.

Next up, Mitsuha cooked some fish-based meal to the trio, although I have to say that it’s actually instant foods.

Still, Anke and the rest are really surprised of how delicious their meal is that it’s really rare to have fresh fish being served at the platter, even though it’s actually instant foods.

Anyways, looks like Mitsuha’s done with her demonstration as she gave some souvenirs for the ladies like a jar of chocolates and some fancy brooches.

Unfortunately, they’re still skeptical towards Mitsuha where despite bringing some nice items, Anke and the rest sees her as a witch who might do more harm than good.

But you know what, they still have that jar full of chocolates as they gave it to the resident chef Marcel.

And upon eating one piece of chocolate, he was astonished of how delicious it is. Therefore, Marcel decides to investigate Mitsuha Yamamo’s general store.

So when Marcel went to Mitsuha’s general store, he’s pretty amazed upon seeing some exotic tools like a peeler. But wait, there’s more!

In fact, Mitsuha Yamano shows a kitchen knife that was forged by blacksmiths. Oh, they’re not just ordinary blacksmiths by the way…

You see, Mitsuha’s world still have excellent blacksmiths who forged samurai swords (or katana) and kitchen knives that can cut cleanly. Yes, they’re really proud in making fine blades!

Of course, this particular knife is still expensive, but Mitsuha will give it for free ’cause she want to spread the word of her store far and wide.

Now then, it’s time for Marcel to explain on why he’s here at Mitsuha’s general store is because he heard from Anke and her friends that the store is selling fresh fish, although the truth is that Mitsuha served some instant-cooked fish.

With that said, Marcel needed Mitsuha’s help as the Reiner family wants to host a debutante ball for their eldest daughter Adelaide.

And here’s Miss Adelaide von Reiner where she looked stunning. Problem is that the entire family will have to make their daughter’s debutante ball a success, like having a nice and scrumptious selection of foods and drinks that’ll serve the guests. One simple mistake could be fatal for the family!

Well then, looks like Mitsuha Yamano has the opportunity to promote her general store by helping the Reiner family. But first, I think she should buy a chest freezer to store a large amount of fish.

Anyways, let’s hope that the debutante ball will be Mitsuha’s big break as I’ll see you next time!

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