Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei Episode #05

Well everyone, it appears that one of the adventurers is about to get eaten by a bear in which it got chased out by a dragon.

Fortunately, the Marauder Princess has appeared to save a fellow adventurer as Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia and Euphyllia Magenta have arrived at the scene.

Now then, one of the knights told Princess Anis that the situation is pretty dire as the dragon is heading towards the Kingdom of Palettia. So yeah, they need to stop the dragon as soon as possible.

But first, Princess Anis shows her secret weapon which is this magic medicine. This would strengthen her body upon drinking one pill of it, although I’m worried about its side effects.

With that said, one pill of her magic medicine would do the trick for the Marauder Princess as Anis is ready to hunt some monsters.

And as you can see, she’s really eager to get her prize as soon as she’s done killing these monsters who are in her way.

Oh yes, there’s also Euphyllia “Euphie” Magenta who uses Explosion to destroy a large group of monsters. As expected from a high-caliber magician, she’s pretty amazing!

But let’s return to Princess Anisphia where she’s about to take on the dragon that’s flying in mid-air. Good thing Anis has her mana blade and her broomstick ready as it’s gonna be a tough fight.

And speaking of tough, looks like the dragon is pretty resilient where Anis’ mana blade couldn’t put a dent towards its scales.

Worse of all is that the dragon breathes a powerful laser that’ll evaporate anyone who got caught by it. Good thing Anis brought her shield to protect herself from being vaporized.

Unfortunate for the Marauder Princess, she got knocked out as Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia is falling down to her death. Without her magic to break her fall, Anis will never survive.

That’s until Euphyllia Magenta comes to the rescue where she uses her blazing-fast speed to catch Anisphia, thus saving her from certain death.

But speaking of Euphie, she’s really worried that her friend Anis would be a goner if she failed to reach her on time. Still, I’m really glad that Euphyllia saved Anisphia.

And as for Anis, she promised to Euphie that she’ll survive as the Marauder Princess won’t give up until she beats the dragon.

Time for another round against the dragon as Princess Anisphia decides to cut one of the dragon’s wings as it’s not protected by its tough scales.

Sure enough, Anis success as she managed to cut one of the dragon’s wing, meaning that the dragon falls down towards the ground.

Of course, the dragon is still alive where its about to fire its laser. By the way, they can’t run away from it unless Anis and Euphie do something to stop the dragon.

That’s where Anis decides to take off her mana blade’s limiter as she’s using her full power to take out the dragon once and for all.

I wonder if she consumed another magic medicine to- Oh wait, there’s Euphie where she’s lending her magic powers to Anis.

Thanks to their combined efforts, Anis and Euphie cut down the laser and then the dragon in half. Sure that her mana blade is destroyed, but Anis can make another one.

And so, the dragon is finally defeated and the Kingdom of Palettia is saved. Now it’s time for Princess Anisphia to claim the magical stone from the dragon’s corpse.

However, it appears that the dragon can talk where it congratulates Princess Anisphia for defeating it. In exchange, the dragon gives something to her as a reward.

Then again, it seems that Anis receives the dragon’s curse where her body is aching like crazy. I’m not sure what kind of curse she received, but I’m hoping that it’s beneficial rather than detrimental.

Afterwards, the dragon dies as it can no longer fight anymore. Now then, I’m hoping that Princess Anisphia can get that magical stone… unless there’s no stone inside the corpse as Anis receives the dragon’s curse as a reward.

And now, let’s end this episode where everyone inside the kingdom celebrates their triumph by throwing a dance ball at the castle.

Of course, there’s Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia and Euphyllia Magenta where they waltz around at the balcony. I mean, it’s too crowded and embarrassing to dance at the ball.

But anyways, looks like Princess Anis and Euphie prevailed over the dragon where this episode is pretty amazing, from the spectacular battle scenes to the conversation between Anis and Euphie in which the latter doesn’t want to lose the former.

Of course, I’m really curious about Count Chartreuse where even though he managed to set Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia free from his house arrest, the count has bigger plans to undermine King Orfans Von Palettia and Duke Grantz Magenta’s current rule.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these two girls!

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