D4DJ All Mix Episode #04

This is Nyochio Mark II, the evolved version of Muni Ohnaruto’s toy cat of the same name. Just kidding, it’s one of the nicknames made by Kurumi Shiratori.

So why this cat is featured? Well, it turns out that Nyochio Mark II wreck the DJ equipment at Lyrical Lily’s temporary venue near Hoki Shopping District.

Oh by the way, it’s expensive to repair and thus Lyrical Lily suffered a major setback as they’re really looking forward to run the town revitalization event as scheduled.

Oh yeah and speaking of the event’s schedule, they can’t delay it further as Michiru Kaibara promoted the heck out of the event.

Now then, looks like Lyrical Lily and the rest will have to find a new venue for the town revitalization event, although it appears that both Yoba Academy and Alter Ego are no-go as replacements.

However, it appears that Aoi Miyake suggested that the Operation Beckoning Cat event will be held at Alter Ego. Wait, are you really serious in staging the event at a members-only night club?

Unfortunately, General Manager Masaki-san told RONDO that Alter Ego won’t be open to the general public as of now.

While she supported their idea, Masaki-san told Aoi Miyake and the rest that the night club has age restrictions to consider, aside from the club members’ opinion in which a few of them feared that their exclusivity to Alter Ego will be erased.

In any case, seems that using Alter Ego as a venue for Operation Beckoning Cat would be a pipe dream for now.

Meanwhile, here’s Tsubaki Aoyagi where she’s having vocal lessons with Airi Amano. By the way, they know each other for a long time as Airi-san took Tsubaki as one of her students.

And it’s not just Tsubaki Aoyagi, but also Kyouko Yamate who also took vocal lessons from Airi Amano. I have to say that the legendary singer produced two successors that’ll carry her legacy.

With that said, Airi-san doesn’t want Tsubaki feeling gloomy all the time as she stretches Aoyagi’s face. As for the replacement venue, they’ll find a way eventually.

I mean, it’s not just Tsubaki Aoyagi and Aoi Miyake’s problem anymore as the likes of Nagisa Tsukimiyama and Hiiro Yano wanted to open Alter Ego to the general public. Of course, how will they do it?

Well, Tsubaki Aoyagi told Aoi Miyake that they should ask everyone their opinion regarding Alter Ego’s future, especially when it comes to age restrictions and the member-only policy.

And they’ll do it by posting a video at Michiru Kaibara’s channel and putting up a poll as they want everyone’s voices to be heard. Would it be better if RONDO made their own channel, but I guess they needed Kaibara’s help to pull it off.

Still, they made a pretty bold move from RONDO as they want everyone’s opinion regarding Alter Ego’s future. Of course, I’m worried that the owner of Alter Ego might shut it down.

Speaking of the owner, he’s with Masaki-san as the general manager showed him the online poll. Then again, I wonder if he’ll accept everyone’s demands once the poll is closed, assuming that everyone decides to end the age restrictions and the members-only policy?

Fortunately, Masaki-san told the news that Alter Ego is open to the public as the owner gave his blessing to have the night club open for the Operation Beckoning Cat event.

Of course, there are caveats as Alter Ego won’t serve alcohol during the daytime. C’mon, there are minors attending the town revitalization event after all.

But thanks to RONDO’s efforts, Alter Ego is open to the public in time for the Operation Beckoning Cat event. Glad that Aoi Miyake and the rest pulled all the stops to make it happen.

And now, it’s time for RONDO to perform their latest song “ARCANA” where it showcases Tsubaki Aoyagi’s powerful singing voice.

And it’s not just Tsubaki-san, but everyone from RONDO are pulling all the stops with their amazing performance. This time, everyone saw how spectacular RONDO is now that their venue is open.

With that said, looks like the Operation Beckoning Cat event was a great success as the entire town is having a great time. Let’s hope that everyone will remember this event for years to come.

One more thing, seems that Rika Seto from Merm4id is really pumped up to compose a new song for her DJ unit. I’m looking forward for Merm4id’s new groove on the next episode as they don’t want to be left behind.

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