D4DJ All Mix Episode #05

Let’s begin with Rika Seto where she’s having a drizzly cruise towards the highway with her trusty superbike. While the rain has finally stopped, Rika got a nice idea.

That’s where she decided to have a collaboration with a famous producer… from United States.

How did Seto-san pull it off? A little bit of “passion” English of course as I really doubt how fluent Rika is when it comes to speaking a foreign language.

Anyways, Merm4id will be collaborating with Laura Bradley who is very famous for making award-winning songs. For Rika and the rest, it’s a great honor to work with Ms. Laura, but the problem is the language barrier.

But there’s nothing to worry about as Saori Hidaka will handle it as she learns how to speak English. Never mind, I fear that Saori might froze up once the day has arrived.

Anyways, the day has finally arrived as Laura Bradley (voiced by Shuu Uchida) wants to discuss about the collaboration with Merm4id where they make some amazing music together.

But in other cases, Laura Bradley wants to have a casual conversation with Saori Hidaka in which she loves to hear Japanese City Pop lately.

Speaking of Saori, she’s in a dismal state where she froze up completely thanks to her nervousness and inability to have a decent conversation in English. Man, somebody needs some help towards Hidaka.

Anyways, looks like the rest of Merm4id are really sorry for pushing Saori Hidaka into a difficult spot. It would be best if all 4 of them talk to Laura Bradley.

By the way, it appears that Saori understands Laura’s taste in music despite the language barrier, thus she asks her friends for help in buying some old vinyl records at the music shop.

Well then, looks like Saori Hidaka is starting to understand what Laura Bradley wants to convey but then again, she needs to loosen up a bit as Saori being stiff as a rock during her conversation with a famous producer is a no go.

So, the rest of Merm4id invited Hidaka to a night club where they dance all night. Seems that Saori Hidaka learned something important… and that’s having fun without worrying about little things like miscommunication woes.

Thanks to Rika Seto and the rest of Merm4id, Saori Hidaka managed to understand Laura Bradley’s message as she got to work in creating an amazing song that’ll meet her expectations. Now then, it’s time to learn if the famous producer gets a pass or fail?

Fortunately, looks like Laura Bradley is happy to hear Merm4id’s latest song as it’s a brand-new experience upon hearing it. Glad that Saori Hidaka managed to surpass her expectations.

Sure that she struggled a bit at first due to her limited knowledge in speaking English, but Hidaka managed to bounce back thanks to her friends.

And so, the collaboration between Merm4id and Laura Bradley has produced an awesome song titled “D.M.F”. I have to say that they’ve really step up the plate as Merm4id live up to the hype with their collaboration with a famous producer!

However, it appears that all the stress have finally build up for Saori Hidaka that she’s about to throw up. Just kidding about the last part, but Rika Seto wants to check her friend to see if she’s okay.

Fortunately for Seto, Hidaka is still okay as she had lots of fun. Well, this prompted Rika to have another collaboration with a famous foreign producer, although I wish Merm4id should hire an interpreter next time.

But that’s about it for this episode as Lyrical Lily, RONDO, and Merm4id have finally showed what they’re capable of. Now then, I’ll see you next time where it’s time to return to Yoba Academy and check out what Happy Around! is cooking up for the next gig.

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