Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei Episode #06

Let’s begin this episode with Tilty Claret, a noblewoman who’s fascinated with curses to the point that Tilty dedicates her life in studying them.

Also, she’s one of Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia’s acquaintances where they mostly help each other when it comes to creating magic items like the medicine from the previous episode.

But anyways, Anisphia Wynn Palettia and her maid Ilia Coral brought a magical stone from a dragon that she and Euphyllia Magenta recently slain. Really surprised that Anis got the prize after being cursed by a dragon.

And speaking of curses, Anisphia told Tilty that she received one from the dragon that she killed on the previous episode.

This prompted Tilty Claret to check on her friend as she’ll find a way to turn a bad curse into a good one.

But first, Anis will have to melt the magical stone as it’ll be used as an ingredient later on. Now then, looks like our Marauder Princess will meet her parents soon.

Turns out that not only King Orfans Von Palettia is present, but also Queen Sylphine Maise Palettia who just finished her world tour.

For Princess Anisphia, she’s really scared towards her mother ’cause Queen Sylphine is said to be the strongest woman alive.

I wonder if Anis will stay alive after Queen Sylphine “educates” her on how to act like a proper lady?

Anyways, seems that Anis is still alive as she went back to Tilty Claret’s mansion where she uses the stone’s essence to paint a magic circle on her back.

This magic circle created by Tilty would absorb the dragon’s magic power safely without breaking her body, as well as countering magic effects from outside sources which would be useful later on.

And that’s meeting up with Lainie Cyan where her father ask the king for forgiveness, although let’s just say that the crown prince who made this mess in the first place.

By the way, Princess Anisphia suspected that Lainie has some sort of charm where most of the attendees who supported her back in Episode 1 couldn’t even remember on how they disown Euphyllia back then.

So, Princess Anisphia decides to take Lainie to inspect her personally. Of course, Anis promised to Lainie’s father that she won’t hurt his daughter.

While Count Chartreuse tries to counter-argue Anisphia’s proposal, Duke Grantz Magenta told him to let the princess examine Lainie thoroughly. Oh I hope Anis won’t do something ba-

Oh wait, never mind as Anis is groping Lainie’s breasts. I’m not sure if this is her ulterior motive to grab someone’s tits, but I hope that Anis found something significant.

Anyways, Anis told Lainie that she has a magic stone (or magicite) embedded in her body in which it subconsciously changes people’s minds. This means that she has the power of fascination and Lainie is not aware of it.

Speaking of Lainie, she’s not aware that her body can produce magic subconsciously. But to be fair, she’s scared of being bullied by other people, which is why Lainie wants to lay low for the rest of her life… until Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia decides to take her as his fiancé.

With that said, looks like Anis will have to take Lainie under her wing for further observation as she doesn’t want Lainie’s power getting out of control.

Now then, looks like the king is in a state of disbelief that Lainie Cyan has the power to subconsciously change someone’s mind.

By the way, I think Crown Prince Algard’s decision to ditch Euphyllia wasn’t because of the baroness’ power of fascination, but rather his own free will which is his decision to marry Lainie made a greater effect to her subconscious magic powers.

Oh yes, here’s Queen Sylphine in which she’s worried about her daughter bringing Lainie Cyan to her villa where Euphyllia Magenta currently resides there. I have a feeling that they’ll have some animosity between Euphie and Lainie in the future.

One last thing, it appears that Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia is plotting something to stop his sister as he doesn’t want to lose against Princess Anisphia. Geez Al, you really had a long-lasting grudge towards your sister, huh?

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode where it’s surprising that Algard’s fiancé has magic even though she’s not aware of it nor has control over it. On one hand, I wonder who put a magicite to Lainie’s body in the first place? With that said, I’ll find out the truth next time!

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