Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #06

Let’s begin with Colette where she shakes the entire tree with her bare hands, just to make those oranges fall to the ground.

And that my friends is how Colette discovers Newton’s law of physics. Just kidding…

But let’s return to Mitsuha Yamano where she was confronted by this head chef who belonged to Baron Tusk. By the way, Baron Tusk went to Adelaide von Reiner’s debutante ball in the previous episode.

Anyways, this head chef is asking for fish despite the fact that Mitsuha is running a general store. If he wants fresh fish, he should go to the nearest seafood market… if exists!

Fortunately for Mitsuha, she’s saved at the right time when Iris and Claus von Bozes have arrived to stop this man from harassing their step-daughter.

And as for the head chef, looks like he won’t return anytime soon. Well then, looks like Mitsuha will continue her business as normal.

On second thought, the Bozes family wants to pick Mitsuha Yamano up as they really miss her so much. Would it be better if she introduces telephone so they can talk to each other from a distance?

Anyways, looks like her general store will be closed for the time being. But hey, at least Mitsuha gained a profit during Adelaide’s debutante ball thanks to selling merchandises and arranging a catering service to the guests!

Speaking of debutante balls, Beatrice von Bozes wants Mitsuha Yamano to help her set up an amazing party in the future.

Of course, Mitsuha will wait for a year to host Beatrice’s debutante ball… unless she wants it now! Still, I’m hoping that Mitsuha will gain profit for hosting another party.

Now let’s move onto something serious where a criminal went inside Mitsuha’s store until a swordswoman appears to apprehend him.

Of course, this criminal won’t go down without a fight as he’s attempting to take Mitsuha as his hostage. Are you really sure that you want to take Mitsuha as a hostage, you bumbling fool of a criminal?

First of all, Mitsuha is armed with a knife and a handgun, meaning that she won’t be taken lightly!

Then again, she’ll rather use some bug spray to blind this criminal. Also, he stole one of her merchandise as Mitsuha won’t forgive him for steal her items without paying it.

Now then, the rest of the episode plays out where an archer shoots the criminal down, but not outright killing him as she and her allies want to take him alive.

And speaking of her allies, a spearman has arrived to stop the criminal from escaping. He’s channeling his “You shall not pass!” energy when stopping this evildoer.

But as the criminal, looks like he received a devastating gut punch from a veteran who happened to be the leader of a mercenary group.

Anyways, looks like this criminal will face justice as the mercenary group managed to apprehend the evildoer without killing him.

Of course, while the group will receive a reward from the guild, Mitsuha Yamano sees an opportunity to recruit them as she wants to gather some items for her general store.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where Mitsuha tries to convince them to join her for an expedition. What are they gonna find there is up to her, but I’m hoping that Mitsuha will find something valuable!

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