Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Episode #06

Well everyone, it finally happened as Fiene has become an official member of the Riefenstahl family, meaning that she’s now part of the nobility and Lieselotte’s cousin. Even the entire school campus can’t believe it!

On the other hand, there’s Leon Schach where he’s plotting something towards Fiene. God, I’m really scared towards him!

Of course, this means that all of Baldur’s sacrifices were in vain as he’ll be seen by everybody as a fool who gave up his nobility just to marry a commoner-turned-noble.

However, Lieselotte told Baldur that he’s a fool who’s easy to give up on something like love, therefore she urge Baldur to stay true to his feelings and pursue his relationship with Fiene.

And speaking of Fiene, she’s actually hiding inside the closet. Looks like she heard the entire thing, but Fiene is too flustered to speak it out.

But here’s Baldur where he’s still in love with Fiene and wants to continue their relationship despite his current circumstances. Man, will somebody tell them to become a couple already!

Even Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi are feeling frustrated that their relationship hasn’t blossomed as Fiene and Baldur are feeling hesitant.

Fortunately, it looks like Endou and Kobayashi’s words has reached Fiene where she can finally hear the voices from two gods who play MagiKoi. So, what would they tell towards the heroine?

Well, Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi told Fiene to do a killer wink in which Baldur Riefenstahl’s heart skips a beat.

And so, their relationship has blossomed even further as Baldur offered a hand of courtship to Fiene. What a good way to end the first half of this episode.

Now, it’s time to tackle the second half where Lieselotte Riefenstahl is having nightmares lately as the Witch of Yore is about to manifest soon.

Of course, this involves taking over Lieselotte’s body until she becomes a monster that’ll threaten the Kingdom of Fitzenhagen. At this point, the tsundere villainess needs to be saved as soon as possible.

But the problem is that Liese-tan’s heart is closed off from the rest of her peers. Baldur and Fiene tries to reach her out, but the villainess is too stubborn to listen to them.

Also, here’s Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen where he tries to approach Lieselotte Riefenstahl, but the villainess tries to run away.

If she continues like this, the main villain of MagiKoi would appear and take over Lieselotte’s body, thus it’ll spell doom for the villainess.

Luckily, Crown Prince Siegwald decides to take matters into his own hands by kissing Liese-tan to the cheek. Seriously, why would Liese-tan act coldly towards her fiancé?

Well, it’s all because her father Bruno told her not to express her feelings to Siegwald in public as he’s the apparent heir to the throne, thus she acts like your typical tsundere character because of it.

Honestly, I blame Bruno Riefenstahl for telling his daughter not to express her love for the crown prince at a young age because she might harbor some negative feelings in the long run…

…especially when Fiene arrives to mess things up as her agony of not expressing her true feelings might become Liese’s downfall in the future.

C’mon, her jealousy is burning ever since Fiene came to her life but not to worry as Siegwald is gonna save her with the help from the gods!

Anyways, looks like Lieselotte Riefenstahl collapse where Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen managed to hold her.

Also, here’s Artur Richter where he arrives to check to see if the villainess is okay. Oh Artur, you’re late to the party!

Now then, looks like Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen wants to ask some important questions to both Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi regarding the Witch of Yore. Wow, they’re gonna spill out the spoilery bits, huh?

Anyways, Endou and Kobayashi told the prince that the Witch of Yore is the greatest threat in which she’ll drain Lieselotte’s psyche until the witch can take over the villainess’ body and bring doom across the kingdom.

Thus, they urge Prince Siegwald to develop his true feelings for Lieselotte as she really loves the prince from the bottom of her heart. Glad that these two are here to help the crown prince in saving Liese-tan’s life.

And so, we end this episode where Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen is about to carry Lieselotte Riefenstahl back home. Gotta say that he looks so cool carrying the villainess like a princess!

Even Shihono Kobayashi agrees that it’s the cutest thing she ever saw in her life. So with the cat is out of the bag regarding the Witch of Yore, the only thing left to do is to stop the witch from appearing and bring doom towards Liese-tan.

Of course, the only thing that Shihono Kobayashi and Aoto Endou should worry is Kuon where he’ll try to get inside the world of MagiKoi and mess it around just to be with Fiene. Anyways, looks like the 2nd half of show will be very serious as I’ll see you next time!

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