D4DJ All Mix Episode #07

So, it’s time for Photon Maiden’s turn to step up their game for the upcoming town revitalization event known as Operation Beckoning Cat. However, there’s one problem as their producer Shano Himegami step down to reunite with Airi Amano during D4 Fes, and the disappeared afterwards.

Basically, Photon Maiden is being managed by a different entity and while I’m skeptical if the new management will keep them as the coolest DJ unit, Saki Izumo and the rest need to stay competitive in the DJ scene. Of course, the only person who’s leading the change is Noa Fukushima who came up an idea of making an introduction song for Photon Maiden.

This led to an exciting brainstorming session where the likes of Ibuki Nijima and Towa Hanamaki are coming up some outrageous ideas such as cute costumes.

Speaking of cute costumes, they look so nice but I don’t think the management would allow that. Oh, and by the way, Photon Maiden can’t emulate other DJ units like Happy Around! as fans might fear that Photon Maiden’s image might get ruined if they went to a drastic direction.

You know what, creating a new song is enough for Photon Maiden as they’re gonna propose it to the management…

…while wearing office suits. You know something, they should wear some stylized corporate uniform on their next show!

Anyways, it’s time for Photon Maiden’s presentation where Noa Fukushima leads the discussion in steering a new direction for Photon Maiden, starting with their new composition that’ll serve as the introduction song for the unit and replace the song that’s currently in production.

Okay, why would Photon Maiden decides to cancel a song that’s closer to completion in favor of a new one that they composed from scratch? Still, I wanna hear what the management have to say about it.

However, it appears that they’re not convinced with their new composition as the management wants an explanation on why they want to take their DJ unit to a new direction. I mean, there should be a reason why they’re trying to change their cool image into something different.

In any case, the management understands Photon Maiden’s intention to create a song that’s different from their previous works, but they’re not fully-convinced if they’re committed in making one as Noa and the rest are feeling nervous during the presentation.

And speaking of Noa Fukushima, she blamed herself for fumbling up during the presentation. Therefore, she asked Himegami-san for advice in which the former producer told Noa to express how she truly feel.

Honestly, even though she’s no longer present in this sequel, Shano Himegami is still guiding Photon Maiden in spirit as she wanted them to show their true feelings without being held back.

But thanks to Fukushima sharing her thoughts, the likes of Izumo, Hanamaki, and Nijima are expressing their intentions on doing new things for the entire DJ unit. Now all they need now is to convince the management again to let their proposal get the green-light.

And so, they’re back at the board meeting where instead of wearing suits, the members of Photon Maiden are wearing their Yoba Academy uniforms as they feel more comfortable than showing themselves as secretaries. So, what will they say towards the management?

Well, Noa Fukushima and the rest of Photon Maiden are not holding back on what they wanted to do. Sure that they must act cool in front of the audience, but deep inside they want to do cute things.

In short, they want to make a cute song because they’re hella cute. Wow, Noa didn’t just floored the acceleration, she went full throttle in expressing how cute they are!

As for the management’s response? Well, looks like they’re really convinced that Photon Maiden wants to take on a challenge by creating a song to express their cuteness. Let’s hope that it’ll work it out for Photon Maiden.

And you know what, it works as Photon Maiden performed their new song titled “4 many colors”. It’s unusual for Photon Maiden to sing a peppy song to start their live show, but it did work out in the end as Saki Izumo and the rest are having a great time during Operation Beckoning Cat!

As for Noa Fukushima, I’m really glad that she mustered all of her courage to convince the higher-ups in taking Photon Maiden into a new direction with just one song. Then again, I wonder if they’ll return being the cool and stylish DJ unit after Operation Beckoning Cat?

With that said, all 6 DJ units have finally some bangin’ new songs for this 2nd season as the town revitalization event was a success. Anyways, I’ll see you next time where we’ll return to Lyrical Lily for a training camp during their summer break.

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