Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #07

Well everyone, here’s Mitsuha Yamano where she’s serving green tea to a band of mercenaries at her general store.

Much like the rest, they’re really fascinated when it comes to various objects from Mitsuha’s world, although they’re not gonna buy them yet ’cause they’re short on cash.

Yeah, the one where the mercenaries apprehend a criminal? It only gave them a few gold coins as a reward.

Now then, it’s time for the mercenaries to introduce themselves to Mitsuha Yamano. You have the mercenary leader Sven, Sepp the spearman, Grit the swordswoman, and Ilse the archer.

While there’s no magician nor a healer to support them, the team is pretty solid when it comes to handling criminals or hunting monsters.

Anyways, Mitsuha struck a deal with Sven’s mercenary group as she recruited them for an expedition.

C’mon, she needs to gather some items to sell, which Mitsuha will use the money she earned from hunting to buy goods from her world. Sounds reasonable, right?

With that said, time for their expedition… or should I say a camping trip where Mitsuha Yamano shows off her tent that can be deployed in an instant.

While Sven and the rest are surprised by Mitsuha’s magical-like items, there’s more coming from her…

In fact, Mitsuha brought everything to survive the forest such as a lighter in which she can create fires easily. No need for a flintstone to spark a flame.

Oh and she didn’t just brought a tent and a lighter, but also some delicious food from her world as the mercenaries loved it.

Sure that most of her food were bought from a supermarket, but it doesn’t matter so long as it’s delicious!

One last thing, it appears that Mitsuha decides to bathe near the lake while wearing a bikini.

Unfortunately, even though she’s wearing a swimsuit, the people of this fantasy world saw it as obscene with Sepp spitting his drink upon seeing Mitsuha in a two-piece swimsuit.

Anyways, looks like Mitsuha won’t be bathing tonight as Grit and Ilse cover her up with a towel. You know what, I think she should go back to her home and take a bath there.

Now then, it’s time for Mitsuha and her party to hunt some animal and sell them for a profit.

Of course, Mitsuha wants to show off her skills in using a crossbow since she learned it from a private military company in America.

But as you can see, Mitsuha managed to score a kill against this bird. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there’s more to come during this expedition.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mitsuha Yamano encountered a boar while taking a toilet break. Talk about bad timing here but you know what, Mitsuha has the skills to defend herself against wild animals.

Anyways, time for Mitsuha to use her machine pistol to take the boar down. By the way, she’s holding a Beretta 93R pistol which is capable of burst fire, not full auto.

Furthermore, 9mm Parabellum is not effective against boars as Mitsuha should carry a .357 Magnum revolver or rifle when dealing with big-game animals.

Regardless, she managed to kill a boar with a flurry of 9mm bullets. Oh and one more thing, Mitsuha should install a suppressor so that Sven and the rest won’t hear any gunshots.

Now then, looks like the mercenaries managed to hunt some animals that they finally received a reward, which is enough to buy them food and booze at a local pub.

Oh yeah, here’s Mitsuha Yamano where she brought something interesting for both Sven and Sepp.

That’s right, a gravure magazine full of ladies wearing skimpy swimsuits. This magazine is catered for cultured men who wanted to see beautiful women from Japan.

Of course, gravure magazines are pretty expensive in which the only viable market is for male nobles who couldn’t resist looking at women wearing bikinis.

But if looking at girls in skimpy swimsuits aren’t their thing, there’s also nude magazines in which Mitsuha missed an opportunity to brought it over.

Speaking of cultured arts, Mitsuha remembered one time from her brother in which he suggested to bring imitations of famous paintings and sculptures to the fantasy world.

It’s a great way to generate some income, but how will Mitsuha do it since she has powers to travel between worlds, fast healing, and speak other languages?

Well, Mitsuha has another ability in which she can create an object out of thin air just but thinking. You may thank that floating maneki neko statue for giving Mitsuha another ability without any explanation.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mitsuha’s ability produced some… interesting results. She was suppose to create an imitation of the famous Venus de Milo statue, but Mitsuha created a burly amazoness statue instead.

Well then, I guess Mitsuha is terrible at creating beautiful things after all as she didn’t study fine arts nor have any appreciation when it comes to artwork.

On the other hand, this gentleman is interested in buying one of Mitsuha’s statue. In the end, she made a profit despite being a terrible artist.

Anyway, I’ll see you next time where Mitsuha’s general store is starting to become profitable. Let’s hope that Mitsuha Yamano can finally fulfill her dream of saving up tons of money for her retirement.

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