Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei Episode #08

Now let’s begin with the past where Lainie Cyan is being accompanied by Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia.

Speaking of Lainie, she was an orphan who got adopted by the Cyan family and became a noble. While she’s trying to get used to being part of the high nobility, Lainie Cyan’s heart remained as a commoner.

Meanwhile, it appears that there’s a growing gap between the commoners and the nobility where the latter ridicule the former.

It’s really painful that there’s discrimination towards the impoverished masses within the Kingdom of Palettia, especially when most of the couldn’t rise up from poverty.

And here’s Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia where he vows to change the entire system where everyone has equal rights.

As you can see from his express, Prince Al is really disappointed on how his own family tries to pass reforms for the good of the entire kingdom, only for the nobles to halt anything that undermines their personal interests.

But let’s move onto the present where Princess Anisphia’s manor is under attack by an intruder.

While Ilia Coral and Lainie Cyan tries to run away, it appears that the assailant is one step ahead of them.

And it gets even worse when Anis’ maid got badly injured while Lainie got captured. Who would do such a thing anyway?

Oh no, it’s Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia. OKay, why would Anis’ brother decides to attack her manor and capture the baroness after injuring Ilia? Don’t tell me that Prince Al caught wind of Lainie’s vampire ability?

With that said, I can’t believe that Crown Prince Algard Von Palettia, the man who promised that he’ll protect Lainie Cyan, decides to take the magicite from her body. What a cruel prince he is!

Meanwhile, let’s introduce to you to Moritz Chartreuse where he told everyone that Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia is a heretic in which her magicology threatens the established paradigm of magic, despite the fact that Anisphia doesn’t have magic powers.

By the way Moritz, are you trying to stop Princess Anisphia from going back to her manor? Also, you shouldn’t berate a lady just because she’s not born with magic.

But anyways, looks like Moritz Chartreuse will have to face the wrath of the Marauder Princess as Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia throws him to the ground.

Honestly, Moritz and his father shouldn’t underestimate Princess Anisphia as she’s supported by both Euphyllia Magenta and Tilty Claret.

Speaking of Tilty Claret, looks like she puts her cursed magic into good use as Tilty stops those guards. Now that the guards are out of the way, it’s time for Anis to make her escape.

Oh, and Euphie is carrying her back to her manor like a supersonic warrior. Man, I wish they would use the witch’s broom as Euphyllia might lose her grip and drop Anisphia to the ground.

But let’s return to Anisphia’s manor where it appears that her foolish little brother Algard puts Lainie’s magic stone onto himself. Don’t tell me that he wants to become a vampire, but why would Al do that?

Meanwhile, it looks like Euphyllia Magenta is currently healing both Ilia Coral and Lainie Cyan, although I’m worried about the latter since Lainie might die unless her magicite is returned to her.

Anyways, here’s Prince Algard where he’ll use the magic stone inside his body to surpass his older sister and spark a revolution inside the kingdom, something that his father and grandfather failed to do as the status quo remains.

Unfortunately, even though he has good intentions in changing the system, one where everyone can pursue happiness regardless of which class they belong to, the problem is that Al relied on Count Chartreuse’s assistance to accomplish his goals. Heck, there’s a possibility that Count Chartreuse and his son Moritz might derail Al’s grand scheme.

In any case, looks like Anis will have to beat her foolish younger brother to his senses as she’ll use the dragon’s power to defeat Al and his vampire powers.

It’s gonna be a monstrous battle between siblings on the next episode where I hope that Anis will stop Al’s ambition and save Lainie from certain death.

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