The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode #08

A new school term has arrived where Amane Fujimiya are in the same class as Itsuki Akasawa, Chitose Shirakawa, and Mahiru Shiina. It’s pretty much assuring that Amane-kun will have some of his closest friends keep him company.

And then, there’s Yuuta Kadowaki where despite being on friendly terms with Amane Fujimiya, he keeps Kadowaki at a distance as Fujimiya doesn’t want to experience some bad things back in middle school where he befriended someone, only to get betrayed in the end.

So yes, Amane-kun wants to keep himself at a low profile as he doesn’t want to cause more trouble towards his classmates, especially when it comes to his relationship with Mahiru Shiina.

And speaking of Mahiru Shiina, looks like she’s doting on Amane-kun where she let him sleep on her lap and rubs his head. Yeah, the angel literally spoils him rotten!

Not only that, but Shiina made some pudding as Fujimiya liked it. They’re really are a married couple, but they’re still friends!

Let’s move onto the next scene where Class 2-A are cooking food during Home Economics. For Amane-kun, he wants to improve his cooking skills so that he won’t rely on Mahiru much.

Of course, I’m worried about the rest of the class as they’re spouting mean things to Fujimiya behind his back just because he’s with Shiina.

Meanwhile, looks like these two students are trying to flip some burgers in style, not knowing that they might potentially cause an accident.

And here it is as their horseplay managed to bump a female student who’s cooking some scalding hot soup. Even worse is that the soup is about to land towards Mahiru Shiina.

Fortunately, Amane Fujimiya managed to rescue Mahiru Shiina and told the boys to be careful or someone’s gonna get hurt. What a chad move by Amane-kun!

As for the boys, they apologize for their reckless behavior as they’re gonna clean up their mess afterwards. I guess the boys learned their lesson on not to do the dumbest things that would harm people.

But that’s the end of this episode where Amane Fujimiya is the hero who saved angel from danger, although he shouldn’t get carried away as there are jealous people who wanted him gone for being too close to Mahiru Shiina. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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