D4DJ All Mix Episode #08

Well everyone, here’s Lyrical Lily where Arisugawa Academy’s DJ unit are having a training camp at a summer villa near the mountains. But wait, it appears that Miyu Sakurada and her friends are waving their hands at someone.

Turns out that they’ve invited Photon Maiden for a joint training camp. For Noa Fukushima and Towa Hanamaki, they’re pretty surprised that they’re gonna spend their time in the woods together with the likes of Kurumi Shiratori, Haruna Kasuga, and Miiko Takeshita.

Anyways, their joint training camp has begun where Photon Maiden teaches some intricate dance moves, while Lyrical Lily teaches vocal lessons.

Both DJ units are struggling to learn some new tricks with Lyrical Lily trying to match up the idol-like dance movements, while Photon Maiden couldn’t even reach the higher notes when singing hymns.

Regardless, they want to improve themselves in order to take new challenges, especially Photon Maiden where they’ll have to work on their own ever since their producer Shano Himegami left on her own accord.

By the way, here’s Saki Izumo where she’s about to cut this firewood in half. I’m not sure if she’ll manage to-

Oh wait, Izumo-san cut the firewood cleanly. Turns out that Saki loves to camp most of the time, which is why she knows how to set up campfires or even her own tent.

Meanwhile, it appears that Towa Hanamaki wants to become a DJ by using a fire stove. Geez Hanamaki, you’re gonna burn that steak or even cause a fire accident!

One more thing, looks like Saki Izumo saw the members of Lyrical Lily giving thanks to the Holy Trinity for the food. And speaking of Saki, she saw how bright those girls are when praying.

But after giving thanks to the Holy Trinity, they proceed in chomping down their cooked food. Just hoping that they’ll burn some excess fat afterwards.

Luckily, there’s a sauna where they can shed some pounds. Of course, they shouldn’t stay for longer periods and keep themselves hydrated afterwards.

But anyways, it was a nice joint training camp for both Lyrical Lily and Photon Maiden as have a sense of camaraderie, learn from each other, and improve their skills in order to be at their best.

Of course, there’s still more to come for both DJ units as their training camp continues.

With that said, let’s end this episode where the girls got freaked out over a horror movie. Of course, neither of them didn’t scream the loudest.

Turns out that Ibuki Nijima screamed the loudest as she hides from a corner, feeling a bit embarrassed that Nijima couldn’t handle a jump scare.

Looks like she wants to act cool, but turns out that Ibuki is still a girl who can’t handle scary things. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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