Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Episode #09

Looks like preparation for the upcoming Festival of Gratitude is underway where Lieselotte Riefenstahl will wear something light and moveable in order to have a fighting chance in defeating the Witch of Yore.

But wait a minute, is the villainess planning to wear a gym jersey as suggested by Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi? Would it be better if she wear something pretty, yet she can move freely when danger comes around?

Of course, Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen doesn’t mind if she wears a gym jersey as he still sees Lieselotte Riefenstahl as the cutest girl he ever met in his life.

And while Kobayashi can’t handle the cuteness when Siegwald said that to Liese-tan, I wonder what kind of attire she’ll wear during the Festival of Gratitude?

You know what, perhaps a military uniform straight out of “The Rose of Versailles” would work as the villainess is transformed into a gallant soldier.

Meanwhile, let’s return to the real world where the broadcasting club members, or should I say former members, asked Aoto Endou is he’s dating Shihono Kobayashi. Okay, they’re really gonna ask a serious question right away.

Unfortunately, Endou told them that he and Kobayashi are still friends. Despite playing MagiKoi together and make a commentary about it, their relationship is really complicated where neither Aoto nor Shihono couldn’t make their move.

Now let’s return to MagiKoi where the preparation in stopping the Witch of Yore is underway. They’re getting ready in saving Lieselotte from her terrible fate.

Of course, there’s Leon Schach where he’s not keen in joining the cause. I mean, he’s still harbor some hidden possessive feelings towards Fiene.

Oh yes, here’s Fabien Oltenberg where he shows off his fire magic to Cecilie Riefenstahl. She was so impressed by Fabien’s magic skills that Cecille vows to marry him in the future.

It’s really nice that Cecille has set her sights in marrying Fabien, let’s hope that she won’t become the next villainess as her passionate obsession might bring her downfall if Cecille is not careful.

Now then, it’s time for the school festival at Hanahashi Ikuei where the broadcasting club is performing a live reading of a mystery novel. Geez, they really let Endou die during the introduction.

And by the way, Endou and Kobayashi originally tried to do a live reading of MagiKoi, but the former club president shut it down as she suspect that both of them would get embarrassed upon reading it.

That’s why, the broadcasting club went with a mystery novel where participants will guess who’s the culprit behind Endou’s murder. Don’t worry Aoto didn’t die on this episode!

Afterwards, it’s free time where Aoto Endou met Chiyono Kobayashi as she’s actually an alumnus of Hanahashi Ikuei High School.

Anyways, seems that Aoto told Chiyono-san that he’s in love with Shihono, but Chiyono’s little sister is not interested in romance yet as she’s focused in getting a good ending in MagiKoi.

Now then, here’s Shihono Kobayashi where she scolded her sister Chiyono not to meddle things, especially when it comes to Aoto Endou. Anyways, looks like their school festival is going smoothly as we speak.

Well, except for Kirise Kuon in which he sets his sights on… Shihono Kobayashi? Wait, is he supposed to take Fiene’s heart much like in MagiKoi?

God, looks like they’re not only have to deal with the Witch of Yore, but also Kuon where he might steal Kobayashi away from Endou. Anyways, tune in next time where the Festival of Gratitude is fast approaching!

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