The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode #10

Let’s begin with a flashback where Amane Fujimiya made a friend back in middle school, only to find out that this guy is just using him for money.

Oh, and it gets worse as Amane’s friend told him outright that he doesn’t consider him as some true companion, which is why Fujimiya doesn’t want to put his trust into others upon entering high school.

So when Mahiru Shiina learned about Amane’s painful past, she told Fujimiya to rely on her when he’s experiencing a crisis in his life. Man, she really wants to spoil him rotten.

But anyways, I think they need to rely on each other for emotional support now that they learned about their respective backstories.

However, let’s not forget that they need to keep their relationship a secret ’cause the rumors about them are spreading.

By the way, it appears that Mahiru Shiina wants to take her relationship a step further where the angel seduces Amane Fujimiya.

Well then, looks like Fujimiya is in a dangerous situation where he’s about to have sex with Shiina.

But alas, it’s all just a dream where Amane-kun is sweating buckets right now. Oh, and it appears that he got some morning wood after having some weird dream with Mahiru.

Now then, looks like Amane’s friends went to his apartment for a study session. C’mon, they have some midterms exam to tackle after all.

So while Mahiru Shiina will help them in order have a higher score in the midterms, everything else is pretty normal on this episode. Well, aside from Amane-kun telling about his painful backstory to Mahiru.

Now then, the upcoming penultimate episode would be a turning point for both Fujimiya and Shiina as they’ll face big challenges in maintaining their relationship a secret. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen on the next episode.

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