Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Episode #11

Well everyone, looks like Siegwald Fitzenhagen doesn’t want to stand there and watch his fiancé getting turned into a witch as the crown prince gave her a hug to cool Liese-tan down. Let’s hope that it works out!

And it’s not just Prince Siegwald, everyone wants to help the villainess out as they don’t want Lieselotte Riefenstahl becoming the next Witch of Yore. It goes to show that Liese-tan is not alone.

And thanks to the power of love, Lieselotte Riefenstahl is free from the witch’s control as Siegwald Fitzenhagen managed to rescue his fiancé from certain doom and beat the Witch of Yore once and for all.

Looks like Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi won’t have to worry about getting a bad ending as Siegwald’s undying love for Lieselotte conquers all despair. But wait a minute, it’s not yet over!

In fact, the Witch of Yore has returned to show her true form. Looks like she won’t let anyone get a happy ending just because she lost once.

Anyways, here’s the Witch of Yore’s true form in which Artur Richter told everyone not to attack her. Why Artur?

Turns out that Artur recognize her as Lirenna, the goddess who created everything alongside Kuon.

Even Endou and Kobayashi are stunned to learned this biggest twist in MagiKoi! But anyways, they finally saved Lieselotte Riefenstahl from her terrible fate.

Oh yeah, seems that Lirenna apologized for causing more trouble to Liese-tan. Please Lirenna, stop groveling like Dr. Wily!

So, how did Lirenna became the Witch of Yore and tries to transform Lieselotte Riefenstahl into one of her vessels? Well, let’s go from the beginning of time.

Turns out that Lirenna and Kuon created the entire world of MagiKoi, right down to creating both Adam and Eve where they’ll carry the civilization for many years to come. But there’s a problem…

You see, Kuon fell in love with Eve that he’ll do anything to make her as his wife, even though Kuon already has Lirenna at her side.

So it seems that Kuon is not only committing adultery, but also implied incest.

Oh, and let’s add murder to the mix as Kuon killed Adam in front of Eve. Thanks to Kuon’s jealousy that led to murdering his own creation, Eve vowed that she won’t love Kuon back no matter how many years have passed.

And what about Lirenna? She learned about her husband’s debauchery that Lirenna send him to another world while she transformed into the Witch of Yore. Dammit, the entire plot of MagiKoi started thanks to Kuon’s dickish behavior!

One more thing to add as Lirenna revealed that Adam and Eve are reincarnated as both Baldur Riefenstahl and Fiene.

So yeah, seems that history will repeat itself if Baldur is killed again, therefore Endou and Kobayashi’s next priority is protect Baldur and Fiene from Kuon’s machination.

Speaking of Kuon, there’s more to this asshole god as after being sent to the real world by Lirenna, he took control of Kirise Kuon’s body and created the smash-hit otome game Magical Koishite just to reconnect with Eve. I knew that he’s targeting Fiene all along!

By the way, seems that Kirise Kuon tries to talk with the mad god that it’s a futile effort in getting Eve no matter how he tries to bend the realities of both worlds. It’s just that Endou and Kobayashi beat him to the punch thanks to their feelings for Lieselotte Riefenstahl.

But still, Kuon won’t give up so easily as he’ll do anything to make Eve (or Fiene) as his wife. Come to think of it, why is Kuon targeting Shihono Kobayashi in the first place before learning that he’s after Fiene all along?

That’s where I learned something shocking as Kuon will find a vessel in the real world and put Fiene/Eve’s soul into that body. This mad god needs to be stopped at once!

But let’s return to MagiKoi where Lieselotte Riefenstahl told Lirenna not to blame herself further. After all, she understands to pain that Lirenna went through so it’s natural for the villainess to show sympathy to the goddess.

Thanks to Liese-tan’s words and the power of love, it looks like Lirenna’s divinity has returned where she decides to make Lieselotte as a saint.

But wait a minute, that would complicate things as Liese-tan is betrothed to Siegwald. It would be bad if she ditches her fiancé in favor of taking the road of sainthood.

That’s where Siegwald Fitzenhagen decides to make a marriage proposal right away towards Lieselotte Riefenstahl. He doesn’t want to wait for much longer.

And so, the villainess is not only saved thanks to the power of love, but also she was blessed by Lirenna where Liese-tan will marry Siegwald and become a saint.

Now all that’s left to tackle is Kuon as he won’t let anyone interfere his plans. But seriously, this dude needs a reality check where Kuon shouldn’t force someone to love him back just because he’s a god. C’mon, there’s free will after all!

Speaking of Kuon, he made his move where Kuon tries to take Shihono Kobayashi away from Aoto Endou. However, seems that he took someone instead rather than Shihono.

That’s where I realized that Kirise Kuon is targeting Shihono’s big sister Chiyono Kobayashi as he took her away. Looks like the next episode will be a final confrontation between the players and the creator who gone off the fuckin’ rails!

Still, I can’t believe that Siegwald managed to save Lieselotte quickly by hugging her. Not only that, but I’m really surprised that the Witch of Yore is actually Lirenne where her transformation as the greatest adversary of MagiKoi is linked to Kuon’s infidelity.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Endou and Kobayashi will create a true happy ending in not only MagiKoi, but this anime series!

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