Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #10

So, remember this mercenary captain? Well, he’s back as Mitsuha Yamano brought him a strange rabbit-like creature.

And speaking of Mitsuha, she told him that it’s actually edible if he and his mercenaries prepare it properly.

By the way, looks like the mercenary group is having a barbecue party. Sure that they’re soldiers of fortune, but they prefer to live in peace most of the time.

But you know what, I think Mitsuha will recruit them at some point ’cause the fantasy world is about to be overrun by dangerous monsters who will pillage, rape, or destroy everything in its path. I’m worried about Colette and her family.

Unfortunately, the monster raids has gone bad as Sven and his team found a broken caravan. Looks like they need an army to subdue those beasts.

And it gets even worse where the king told Mitsuha that the Alder Empire is planning to invade the kingdom. Hmm, I wonder if Nelson Adler and his shady company belong to that empire?

Regardless, the king told Mitsuha Yamano to take Princess Sabine and run away as far as possible.

However, Princess Sabine doesn’t want to leave as she wants to stay at Mitsuha’s general store. Um Sabine, Mitsuha will transport you to her world if the hostile country comes at the kingdom’s footsteps.

But speaking of Mitsuha, it seems that she doesn’t want to run away as she’ll fight to defend not only her business, but everything that she cared for!

Now then, it’s time for Mitsuha Yamano to attend a war council where she met Alexis von Bozes.

But rather than a simple greeting, Mitsuha punch Alexis in the gut as she doesn’t want someone trying to attack her from behind much like a certain Duke Togo.

Fortunately, Alexis von Bozes is really tough as he’s happy to see Mitsuha Yamano again. Let’s hope that this won’t be the last time we’ll see him as I fear that Alexis might die.

Never mind, looks like some intruder tries to shoot the war council minister until Alexis von Bozes and Mitsuha Yamano intervened where they block the bolts with their bodies.

Actually, Alexis took the full brunt of those bolts while Mitsuha got a scratch wound on her shoulder. Ugh, I hope Alexis will remain alive.

Anyways, it’s time for Mitsuha to bring her trusty Beretta 93R machine pistol and take out the assailant. As you can see, 9mm Parabellum works well against medieval armor.

Thanks to Mitsuha Yamano, the war council is safe as she told the nobles to bring some competent guards in order to protect the castle from intruders. I mean, it’s a close call if you ask me!

But now, it’s time for Mitsuha to save Alexis’ life where he told Mitsuha that he managed to protect her from the enemy.

Alexis, don’t you dare die on Mitsuha as she’s gonna save you from certain death, you idiot!

Well then, time for Mitsuha Yamano to take Alexis von Bozes to her world where she asks the mercenaries to save Alexis’ life.

While she’ll save the explanation for later, Mitsuha wants Alexis to live as she doesn’t want to lose someone precious to her.

But yeah, glad that the private military contractor took Alexis in and saved his life thanks to the power of modern medicine.

So while Alexis is recovering from his wounds, it’s time to Mitsuha to tell the captain that she can travel to two worlds and she need their help in stopping an evil empire from invading various countries.

Of course, it’s pretty understandable for him being dazed and confused as there’s no way that a fantasy world exists in the first place.

Still, Mitsuha insists that she wants their assistance as she wants to save her loved ones in the fantasy world… even as far as committing a crime in order to convince this mercenary captain.

Speaking of Mitsuha Yamano, she got a bit cheeky and uses her jumping ability to send the captain and a military jeep into the fantasy world.

And here’s the mercenary captain where he’s not dreaming about being sent to a fantasy world. Well then, time for these two soldiers to fend out the imperial army.

But first, they need to rescue some refugees as they told Mitsuha and the mercenary captain that the Alder Empire employed monsters to do the dirty work.

Well, what a surprise discovery as it’s not a case of beasts getting frenzied by natural causes, but rather that the evil empire is using them to do their bidding.

For now, it’s time for the mercenary captain to help the refugees as he pushed the boulder away so that the caravan can travel safely.

And here’s the enemy that the refugees talked about earlier as the Alder Empire employed an army of goblins to do nasty things, be it rape or pillage. Ugh, they’ll have to kill these monsters with fire!

But in the case of Mitsuha Yamano and her fellow mercenary, they’ll spray these monsters with bullets instead. Sadly, it didn’t work as those goblins are tough as nails.

So then, looks like Mitsuha will have to bring either a heavy machine gun or a rocket launcher to kill a bunch of goblins. I’ll see you next time where I’m hoping that they’ll succeed in stopping the evil empire from conquering a nearby country.

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