Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #11

Time for the penultimate episode where Mitsuha Yamano went back to the modern world to get… a lighter and a bunch of fireworks? Would it be better if she borrowed some explosives from Wolf’s Fang headquarters?

Regardless, Mitsuha went back to the fantasy world and light up a fire that will block those monsters from killing those innocent villagers.

And for good measure, she throws a bunch of fireworks that would scare the hell out of those goblins. Not as effective as a grenade or a claymore explosive, but it gets the job done.

On the other other hand, it looks like one of the enemy soldiers got knocked out by a stray rocket.

It’s really funny to see some poor shmuck getting killed using fireworks. Even the mercenary captain is surprised of the outcome!

Anyways, the time of war has finally arrived as Mitsuha Yamano employed the entire Wolf’s Fang mercenary company to save the entire Zegleius Kingdom from the evil Alder Empire. Sure that she’ll pay them with gold coins, but Mitsuha wants to save tons of innocent lives, including Colette and her family where they’re currently fleeing from the enemy.

Of course, I’m worried that transporting an entire mechanized platoon is a daunting task as Mitsuha might send half of them to a different place.

Actually, there’s no need to worry about modern soldiers getting lost in the fantasy world as Mitsuha Yamano brought the entire company. Good work there, Miss Yamano!

And here’s Mitsuha where she’s ready for battle against the Alder Empire. I forgot to mention that she looked stunning today as Mitsuha Yamano wants to fight in style.

Now then, it’s time for Mitsuha and the Wolf’s Fang mercenary company to defend Zegleius Kingdom from the enemy as the Alder Empire sent their messenger.

This messenger named Count Thorsten von Lotz told them to surrender or the Alder Empire will invade the kingdom with no survivors. Sadly for Count Lotz, he should be fleeing right now.

That’s because Mitsuha Yamano employed some designated marksmen to shoot important targets that would demoralize the enemy.

Poor Count Thorsten von Lotz, looks like he’ll sit this one out as his arm got shot by a bullet.

Soon, it’s pretty clear that the Alder Empire is screwed where the designated marksmen took some of the monster handlers down.

And once the monsters are no longer controlled by the Alder Empire, the mercenaries will use their high-caliber machine guns to spray them. Well, looks like the Alder Empire will have to-

Oh wait, the brought the entire wyvern cavalry as this commander gloats that they have the last laugh. If only the Wolf’s Fang group brought some anti-air weapons…

Luckily, the captain brought some of them as nicknamed one of their anti-aircraft tanks as “God”. Why? Because they were saved when his mercenary company ran out of bullets to defend themselves.

Thanks to their anti-aircraft vehicles, the wyvern cavalry is easily demolished. Looks like Mitsuha and the Wolf’s Fang mercenary company got the last laugh in the end.

As for Alder Empire, their ambition to expand got squashed away thanks to Mitsuha Yamano’s exploits. I guess it’s time for these fools to run away, never to set foot in Zegleius Kingdom ever again.

Unfortunately, a black dragon appeared and while I doubt that the Alder Empire tame a large monster, seems that Mitsuha and the mercenary captain will have to bring missiles or even some helicopters to take this dragon down.

Tune in next time for the final episode where Mitsuha will face a tough battle ahead! I hope she succeeds as Mitsuha wants to have lots of money for her retirement.

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