D4DJ All Mix Episode #11

Let’s begin with Michiru Kaibara where she’s hyping up the final leg of Operation Beckoning Cat. Yes, there’s no live concerts held in November, but they’ll make up for it by having two concerts in December!

Anyways, the first concert will be held on December 24, which is very important for Peaky P-key as their DJ unit is formed on Christmas Eve. But unlike their previous live shows, they’re gonna have a collaboration with Happy Around!

However, there are caveats as Shinobu Inuyose wants Maho Akashi to submit a demo that meets her requirements or even surpass her expectations. Otherwise, no collab between both units on Christmas Eve.

Well then, looks like Maho Akashi decides to take on this challenge from Shinobu Inuyose as she’ll make a composition that’s worthy for both DJ units.

Speaking of Akashi, even though she’ll pull tons of hours to arrange some beats, Maho needs some help from a seasoned musician like Rei Togetsu.

So with their combined powers, they pulled all-nighters to create an amazing demo for Shinobu Inuyose. Prepare to see some CGI characters getting eye bags after this.

After a few days working their demo till 3 AM, they finally produced a demo as a tired Maho Akashi listened to their own creation.

Fortunately, Maho got energized where she was amazed on how different their composition is compared to their usual output.

Now, it’s time for Akashi and Togetsu to submit their demo to Inuyose where she listened to their creation.

God, I’m worried that she might reject it outright for not being good enough, leaving both Maho and Rei feeling disappointed of the harsh outcome.

But after a lengthy deliberation, looks like their demo exceed Shinobu Inuyose’s expectations as the collaboration between Happy Around! and Peaky P-key will happen on December 24.

For Rinku Aimoto, she’s really excited that she’ll be performing alongside Kyouko Yamate for the 2nd time.

Of course, things are really different now that both DJ units will join forces to create an amazing live show.

Thus, it’s time for Rinku Aimoto and Muni Ohnaruto to step up their game as the former build up some muscles by undergoing Yuka Jennifer Sasago’s training, while the latter experiments some new visuals that’ll mesh both DJ units together.

Good luck to both Rinku and Muni-chan as they cannot make any disappointments for Kyouko Yamate and Yuka Jennifer Sasago, respectively.

Now then, the day has finally arrived as Peaky P-key and Happy Around! will perform together at Hoki Shopping District.

But first, a solemn opening by Lyrical Lily where they sing Silent Night. It’s really happy to see these girls honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

And now, the main event as two DJ units joined forces to perform their collaboration song titled “Peaky Around!!”, a mashup of both styles that meshes together quite nicely!

Anyways, their collaboration lived up the hype as Peaky P-key and Happy Around! are having fun in this Christmas live show. I gotta give props for the latter in reaching former’s level of showmanship.

But wait a minute, there’s one more concert to go as all 6 DJ units will perform together on New Year’s Eve. Even Lyrical Lily is looking forward for it!

Well then, I’ll see you next time for the final episode of D4DJ All Mix as the Countdown Live is fast approaching. Can’t wait for the biggest live concert at Hoki Shopping District!

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