Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode #12

Well everyone, the Zegleius Kingdom are at the mercy of the great black dragon as it turns out that it’s actually issuing orders to the Alder Empire.

Basically, the evil empire is being controlled by a large boss monster and Mitsuha Yamano can’t afford to lose her beloved kingdom.

Anyways, it’s time for the final battle where Mitsuha ordered her mercenaries to fire some smoke grenades to confuse the dragon.

Speaking of Mitsuha Yamano, looks like she got a bit bigger so she can square off against the black dragon. Then again, it’s all about trickery.

That’s because Mitsuha uses a drone with a projector to make herself look big and imposing. It’s nice that Mitsuha got some nice hardware from the Wolf’s Fang mercenary company.

Unfortunately, the black dragon saw Mitsuha’s trick as smoke and mirrors as it destroys the projection with its dragon breath. Well, seems that Mitsuha can’t beat a dragon using some modern trickery.

Just kidding, Mitsuha brought a rocket launcher as she fires it straight to the dragon’s mouth. Don’t worry though as Mitsuha Yamano will teleport herself to a safe place.

But here’s the ancient black dragon where it got a taste of Mitsuha’s rocket. That’s gotta hurt as the dragon can’t eat anything that’s hot and spicy!

Oh and it’s gets worse for the dragon as Mitsuha ordered her mercenary team to fire their heavy machine guns against the Alder Empire’s trump card. Seems that an ancient creature is scared of modern weaponry.

And so, the ancient black dragon just run away as it’s scared of being killed by Mitsuha Yamano and her band of modern mercenaries.

Also, here’s Mitsuha where she warned the Alder Empire that they have some extra ammunition to mow them down if they resist. It was that moment where the enemy got really fucked up!

With that said, the Zegleius Kingdom is finally safe as the Alder Empire made their retreat. Looks like they won’t be invading other countries for a very long time for as long as Mitsuha is around.

Oh yeah, as for Wolf’s Fang, they’re gonna keep a dragon’s fan not only as a war trophy, but it might be used for scientific purposes.

Now then, here’s Princess Sabine where she’s glad that Mitsuha is safe and sound. Of course, defending a kingdom from invaders cost a lot of money.

So, Mitsuha came up with an elaborate explanation that the mercenaries might lose their jobs or even get punished for breaking the law at worst, thus she wanted to repay her soldiers in kindness and in monetary value.

Fortunately, the likes of Count Bozes and Marquis Aiblinger have decided to gave her a sack full of 1,000 gold coins as she and her band of mercenaries deserved to be rewarded for their heroic efforts. Looks like Wolf’s Fang won’t have to worry about financial troubles.

Speaking of Wolf’s Fang, looks like the mercenary captain decided to donate the dragon’s fang to a prominent scientist in Harvard University where he might use it for research and development of breakthrough materials. Nice Engrish text by the way!

Oh yeah, the mercenary group have secured some patent rights related to dragon materials, meaning that Wolf’s Fang’s financial future is secured.

Of course, the captain and his merry men won’t retire early just yet as they want to continue their job as soldiers of fortune. I mean, they don’t want their fighting skills getting rusty after being out of the battlefield for a long time.

Now let’s return to the fantasy world where Mitsuha Yamano earned the title of viscount as she saved the Zegleius Kingdom from a hostile nation… with some help from her band of mercenaries.

And while Mitsuha has a fancy sword as proof that she’s a noblewoman, the king told her that Alexis von Bozes is also granted the title of viscount.

Unfortunately, Alexis is not here due to being injured for protecting both Mitsuha and the war council in Episode 10. It’s a shame that Alexis can’t arrive today for this important event.

Just kidding, Alexis von Bozes has arrived where he managed to pull himself from the brink of death after protecting Mitsuha Yamano. Well, Alexis got treated thanks to the power of modern medicine.

And so, both Mitsuha and Alexis have become viscounts after risking their lives to protect the country, although the former did most of the work by recruiting a mercenary group from her world.

Finally, let’s end this final episode where Mitsuha Yamano returns to the village as Colette is pretty excited to see her friend again. C’mon, seeing Mitsuha in person felt a sigh of relief for Colette.

Of course, Colette can still break a person in two with her bear hug. Let’s hope Mitsuha Yamano can survive in this fantasy world, as she’ll recruit Colette as her assistant in her quest to gain lots of gold coins for her retirement. One more thing, it’s sucks that the god who grant Mitsuha the ability to travel worlds didn’t appear in the end. Would it be nice if she thanked the maneki-neko deity for granting her various skills to survive both worlds.

And that’s the end of this anime series where yes, it doesn’t look amazing but hey, it’s enjoyable to see Mitsuha doing everything to gain some gold coins, from setting up a general store after convincing a noble family to adopt her, to recruiting a mercenary company and save a kingdom from invasion using modern weapons. Aside from having some hilarious moments, this anime show doesn’t take it seriously like the Alder Empire and their ambitions to conquer various lands because their dragon boss said so!

Anyways, Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu has finally ended, an isekai anime where the main character wants to survive in the fantasy world and get rich by any means. Well, the ethical kind as Mitsuha is an honorable person. Sadly, don’t expect a sequel of this show very soon as there will be a new anime adaptation of one of FUNA’s latest light novel series.

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