The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode #12

Oh boy, looks like Mahiru Shiina decides to kiss Amane Fujimiya in the cheek and run away. I guess it’s a case on whether they want to pursue their relationship further or remain the status quo as the final episode has arrived.

Anyways, Fujimiya is really stunned that Shiina would do something bold. Of course, it’s up to Amane-kun on whether to reciprocate Mahiru’s feelings or decides to ignore her for the sake of maintaining their status quo as friends.

Heck, even the likes of Yuuta Kadowaki and Itsuki Akasawa are worried about his relationship with Mahiru Shiina.

While I’m glad that they are people who supported Fujimiya, I’ll wait for Amane’s decision if he wants to remain friends with Mahiru or become her boyfriend.

Now then, it’s time for the sports festival where Itsuki Akasawa cheers Chitose Shirakawa as she zooms into the finish line during the relay race event.

Oh yeah, and Chi-chan is quite a fast runner as she was once a member of the athletics club back in middle school. Unfortunately, Shirakawa left the club due to rumors surrounding her current boyfriend Itsuki Akasawa, but she’s still amazing to see her sprint towards the finish line.

Speaking of Chitose Shirakawa, she also organized the scavenger hunt where both Mahiru Shiina and Amane Fujimiya are holding hands as they cross the finish line.

Turns out that they want to bring something who’s reliable (for Amane-kun) and precious (for Mahiru). Something tells me that Chi-chan made this scavenger hunt to pair them up.

This concerns the majority of the entire school as their angel is paired up with some dude who’s not even popular. Prepare some inquisition ahead for Amane Fujimiya.

But yes, Amane’s fears have came true where everyone, including the boys, questioned Fujimiya on why he’s with their angel Mahiru Shiina.

Even if he says that he’s dating Mahiru, Amane will received the full brunt of bullying by male students. Honestly, they should see Mahiru Shiina as some angel as she’s a human being who has a painful past.

Speaking of Shiina, she’s here to defend Fujimiya as she told everyone that Amane Fujimiya isn’t some male student who looked so dull, but rather a kind and respectable man who can become an emotional support for her. After all, they shared each other’s secret.

Thanks to Mahiru Shiina, I guess Amane Fujimiya is safe from being harassed by rowdy people. They shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance as there are good people like Amane-kun who are actually decent people.

Of course, I’m not sure if Yuuta Kadowaki qualifies as a decent person as I’m still skeptical if he’s a trustworthy guy or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Now then, here’s Amane Fujimiya where he doesn’t want to run away anymore and decides to elevate his relationship with Mahiru Shiina further, becoming her boyfriend.

I’m really glad that he muster up his courage to recognize Mahiru’s romantic feelings instead of being stuck in the past.

As for Mahiru Shiina, she’s happy that Amake-kun managed to spit it out about his true feelings for her. I’m so happy that they become a couple at the end of this show, but the road to everlasting happiness is just the beginning.

And that concludes The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten where the main duo becomes an official couple. What a sweetest ending ever! While the visuals are nothing amazing coming from Project No. 9, I’m really hooked on the story where two apartment neighbors interact numerous times, share their painful pasts, and blossom their relationship further into a romantic one.

Sure that this show is full of sweet dreams where some of Amane and Mahiru’s friends are supportive towards them, I’m concerned that they’ll encounter some drama where Shiina and Fujimiya’s relationship are put into the test. Yes, it was demonstrated in the final episode where the boys are angry that a plain guy like Amane is hanging out with their angel, but Mahiru managed to save Fujimiya by telling the boys that they should judge someone by appearance alone. It goes to show that Shiina really cares Fujimiya as a person dear to her.

Well then, that’s my thoughts on The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, a nice love story about two apartment neighbors. Don’t expect a sequel soon as I’m quite satisfied with this ending.

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