Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei Episode #12

This is the final episode where Queen Sylphine Maise Palettia and King Orfans Von Palettia will witness a turning point within the kingdom.

Aside from the heads of state, there’s also Duke Grantz Magenta, Lainie Cyan, and Ilia Coral are here to witness two important people fighting for their beliefs.

This is Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia who fights to stop her friend Euphie from her terrible fate as a spirit.

And this is Euphyllia Magenta who fights for Princess Anis’ happiness even if she sacrifice her mortality to become the next queen of the kingdom.

Sadly, it appears that Euphyllia has already sacrificed her humanity to become a spirit, just to save Anis’ happiness

Meanwhile, here’s Lumielle René Palettia where she finally recognized Euphyllia Magenta as her successor. Now, will Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia survive the immerse magic power of Euphyllia Magenta?

Sadly, it appears that Euphie managed to overwhelm Princess Anis with her spirit-based magic. It’s unfortunate that Anis died while trying to uphold her responsibilities as the heir to the throne.

Actually, Anis survived the onslaught as Euphie doesn’t want her to die. Still, it goes to show that Euphie’s beliefs has won over the princess as she wishes Anis to continue what she loved which is magicology.

In any case, looks like Queen Sylphine Maise Palettia felt a sigh of relief that her daughter is still alive as she really appreciate on what Princess Anisphia accomplish, rather than being branded as a failure for being born without magic.

Same goes for King Orfans Von Palettia where he doesn’t show any disappointment towards his daughter. I mean, he treated Princess Anisphia with respect regardless of what anyone says to her.

Now that the dust is settled, Euphyllia Magenta will join the royal family as she’ll become the next queen of Palettia.

But before her coronation, Princess Anis wants to tell something very important to Euphie. Anyways, Anisphia told Euphyllia that she’s a reincarnated person from the modern world, one where magic is treated as pure fantasy.

Of course, she didn’t came to the fantasy world as a baby as her soul was transferred to Princess Anisphia when she was a young girl. This concerned Anis for a long time as her reincarnation might have erased the princess’ original soul, questioning herself on whether she’s real or fake.

Yet despite learning the harsh truth from the princess, Euphie still believes that Anis’ life is genuine as she’s the one who reached her out.

After all, her wisdom from her previous life has helped Euphyllia get back from her feet and not only that, they’ll start a revolution together where magic can be used for everyone.

Now then, looks like Euphyllia Magenta has finally kissed Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia in the lips as she finally develop her romantic feelings towards the princess.

While there are fears that Euphie might lose those memories overtime, it appears that Princess Anis won’t let those feelings die out. I wonder if she’ll attain immortality without losing her memories in the future?

With that said, it’s time for the epilogue where Queen Sylphine Maise Palettia and King Orfans Von Palettia has stepped down from their throne and live their remaining lives as commoners.

And speaking of the former king, Orfans can finally carry his life-long dream of becoming a farmer now that Euphyllia has become the new queen.

Meanwhile, the newly-crowned queen and the princess are busy creating machines capable of flight, although it’ll take a long time to create a working prototype.

Luckily, Tomas is here to help them out as the blacksmith and his friends will create parts for the flying machine.

Aside from creating parts, Tomas made an improved magic beam sword in his spare time called Celestial. While Arc-en-ciel represents the rainbow, Celestial represents the sky where it’s quite fitting for Anis as she wants to soar high above the clouds.

It’s really amazing that Euphie and Tomas put some time and effort to improve Anis’ beam sword into a better weapon than ever before.

Now then, looks like they finally finished the Airdra flying bike as soldiers are about to take off.

And as you can see, it was a complete success as the Kingdom of Palettia has finally ushered a paradigm shift where everyone, regardless of their magic capabilities, can fly freely.

While the Airdra’s introduction benefitted the kingdom greatly in terms of helping the military and economy, there are a few nobles who refused to acknowledge the revolutionary ideas brought by both Anisphia and Euphyllia.

You know something, these fools will be on the chopping block soon if they continue to oppose the girls’ magicology research, much like how Count Chartreuse and his son Moritz tries to keep the status quo and pay the price for their foolish attempts.

Speaking of the girls, both Anisphia and Euphyllia have showed their new outfit. Oh, and it’s not just a cosmetic change…

Turns out that their clothes are capable of flight. It’s really amazing that these two are starting to bring a magical revolution across the kingdom.

With that said, this is Euphyllia Magenta, now known as Euphyllia Fez Palettia, as she’ll be the one who will end traditions as Queen of Palettia.

And this is Princess Anisphia Wynn Palettia who continues her magicology research due to her profound love of magic. What a nice way to end Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei!

I have to say that the yuri is strong in this one, especially at the end of the show where Anis and Euphie became an official couple. It’s really nice that they help each other through thick and thin, from fighting a dragon to dealing with Prince Algard’s rebellion where he’s backed up by selfish nobles. Of course, those nobles will meet their end if they continue to oppose Anis and Euphie’s revolutionary ideas.

Aside from their interaction between Anisphia and Euphyllia I feel that some aspects of the story needs more exploration such as the curse where Anis received it upon beating the dragon, as well as the whereabouts of Prince Algard Von Palettia after being exiled for becoming a vampire. While it’s reserved for future seasons, I really doubt that Kadokawa would give another season for Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei.

One last thing, I have to give props to Diomedéa for creating some amazing battle scenes. It’s a rare case when the entire animation crew poured their time and effort in making it. But yes, I really enjoyed watching Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei as while it’s still an isekai show, it’s a really great experience where I have no regrets on seeing both girls strive to change the world.

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