Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #44

Well everyone, it’s time for a nice conversation between a son and his father. Sure that they’re not related by blood, but the parental bond between Julian Mintz and Yang Wen-li is inseparable. Of course, Julian is worried that without him around, Wen-li would be a total mess. Then again, Admiral Yang will be fine by himself, although he needs to limit his alcohol consumption.

In any case, Admiral Yang Wen-li convinces the newly-promoted ensign to go to the Dominion of Fezzan as a spy because he wants Julian Mintz to investigate the secret dealings between Duke Reinhard von Lohengramm and Landesherr Adrian Rubinsky. Then again, Julian might bump into the inner workings of the Earth Cult or should I say the Terranist Church.

Of course, Julian Mintz isn’t the only one leaving as Admiral Joachim von Merkatz will take Prime Minister Jochen von Remscheid’s offer as Minister of Military.

It’s unfortunate that he won’t go to the frontlines but I still believe that Admiral Merkatz will join Admiral Yang should the Legitimate Galactic Empire Government didn’t pan out.

With that said, it’s time for the depart towards the Fezzan Corridor as Ensign Julian Mintz and Warrant Officer Louis Machungo received a bouquet of flowers from Vice Admiral Alexander Cazelnes’ two daughters.

By the way, why Louis Machungo became a bodyguard to Julian Mintz? That’s because he’s the most trusted person who can protect the ensign in case the Black Fox of Fezzan targeted Julian Mintz.

Besides, most of the military personnel within the Free Planets Alliance are not trust-worthy, as some might even be part of Chairman Job Trunicht’s circle of friends that might pose a threat to his safety. I don’t want Julian Mintz getting double-crossed by one of Chairman Trunicht’s cronies.

While it’s unfortunate that Admiral Merkatz can’t fight against his former allies in the frontlines, Julian Mintz having to leave his step-father behind is kinda heart-breaking for me. C’mon, they have the parental bond and it shows on this episode.

Anyways, this is a calm episode where two important people will go to their separate ways, although they’re return to Admiral Yang Wen-li when things took a turn for the worse.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and while it’s bon voyage for the young ensign, it’s the Galactic Empire’s turn where they make preparations to cross the Fezzan Corridor and into the enemy’s domain.

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