The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode #04

Well everyone, the cat is out of the bag for both Itsuki Akasawa and Chitose Shirakawa as Amane Fujimiya and Mahiru Shiina are actually neighbors.

Of course, they want to keep it a secret as various admirers might bully Itsuki for being close to their angel Mahiru.

Regardless, Itsuki and Chi-chan are happy that both Mahiru and Amane are getting along just fine as they support their friendship… unless it becomes a romantic relationship.

Oh yeah, it looks like Chitose wants to befriend Mahiru as she wants to know more about the famous angel from Seijo High School.

Anyways, looks like Mahiru Shiina will spend her Christmas Eve with Amane Fujimiya.

This is her first time holding a video game controller in her life, which I have some questions on whether her family is very strict in letting Mahiru play games or that her family is actually poor.

Scratch about the last part as Mahiru Shiina is actually a rich girl in which she has a housekeeper named Koyuki-san, although I’m not sure if her parents are actually strict or lenient.

Regardless, it’s really cute to see Mahiru fell down to Amane’s lap after leaning left and right like a motorcycle rider.

Even Amane-kun found it funny that Mahiru is pretty much immersed herself to the game. Oh please Fujimiya, you don’t want your angel getting angry over a simple accident!

In any case, looks like Mahiru Shiina got a little mad over Amane’s remarks that she pound his legs… in a cute way. Gotta love Mahiru’s expression on this episode.

Now then, it’s time to exchange gifts where Amane Fujimiya goes first. I wonder if he’s about to give something fancy to Mahiru Shiina?

Oh, it’s a cute key case where it’s useful for storing important items like a key, IDs, etc. Looks like Amane gave something useful to Mahiru.

As for the angel? Mahiru gave a scarf for Amane-kun which is very useful for the winter season. I wonder if she bought or Mahiru made it by hand?

Regardless, it was a nice Christmas Day for both of them as Mahiru and Amane had fun!

And now, let’s end this episode where Amane Fujimiya decides to take care of Mahiru Shiina who she has a fever. I guess he wants to pay a favor to the angel that saved him in the first episode.

But that’s about it for this episode where Chitose Shirakawa and Itsuki Akasawa knows about the relationship between Amane Fujimiya and Mahiru Shiina, although Amane and Mahiru wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

Now then, I wonder if Mahiru’s parents will appear on the next episode? Will they approve her friendship with Amane-kun? We’ll find out soon…

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