Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Episode #10

Well everybody, the Festival of Gratitude has finally arrived as Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi are ready to cheer on the villainess.

While they want to save Lieselotte Riefenstahl from becoming a vessel by the Witch of Yore, it’s funny to see Endou and Kobayashi wearing happi jackets while wielding cheer fans and light sticks.

But let’s move onto MagiKoi where the Festival of Gratitude is underway. This is a solemn festival where they honor the goddess Lirenna and pray for a bountiful harvest in the next spring.

Speaking of Lirenna, there’s more lore surrounding the goddess as Lirenna has a lover named Kuon, who sacrificed his life to stop the Witch of Yore and bring peace across the land.

Of course, Kuon is still alive… albeit being stuck in the real world ever since he died at the hands of the witch. Now, Kuon (or Kirise Kuon) tries to take Shihono Kobayashi away from Aoto Endou, return to the world of MagiKoi, and set things right at the expense of the villainess’ death.

Now then, it’s time for the dance ball as Artur Richter is being surrounded by ladies. He transformed from a clergyman into a playboy for one night!

Oh yes, here’s Fabien Oltenberg where he got invited by Cecilie Riefenstahl to dance with her outside. Looks like Cecille doesn’t want a large crowd when she’s with Fabien.

Now let’s move onto the main event where Lieselotte Riefenstahl is accompanied by Crown Prince Siegwald Fitzenhagen as she wears a military uniform for this special day. I can’t believe that Liese-tan looked so gallant tonight!

Also, here’s Fiene where she’s dancing with Baldur Riefenstahl while wearing her mother’s dress. Fiene looked so cute for the evening ball!

With that said, the Festival of Gratitude is going smoothly so far, but the festivities ends tonight.

Turns out that the Witch of Yore has arrived early to spoil the party. Hmm, did the final boss decides to show up early after Endou and Kobayashi are ruining her plans?

Regardless, it’s the final battle where Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi will save Lieselotte Riefenstahl from her terrible fate.

Oh and speaking of the Witch of Yore, looks like the final boss took Fabien Oltenberg as a hostage. What a cowardly move from the witch, but it’s very risky for anyone to attack the Witch of Yore.

Luckily, Fabien is saved when someone casts an Orb of Darkness that severs the witch’s arms. I wonder who this person be?

Oh, it’s Leon Schach who calls himself as Karlchen while wearing a mask. While Fiene managed to recognize the teacher, I think Leon or Karlchen wants to be the mage of justice for this episode.

So, the entire cast of MagiKoi is finally assembled as the Witch of Yore’s days are numbered!

Except that the final boss has one trick up her sleeve where she set the villainess on fire. God, looks like the witch is about to assimilate Liese-tan’s body and become stronger!

Well then, this is the worst situation they ever faced as Aoto Endou and Shihono Kobayashi can’t do anything but watch the agony of Lieselotte Riefenstahl.

I’m hoping for a miracle on the next episode but man, this episode went from a festival to a disaster. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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