Angel Beats! Episode #08

Continuing from last episode, red-eyes Angel attacks the SSS… continuing the zealous command of making them “model students”. However, the real Angel (or Kanade-chan) stops her clone, but suffered of being stabbed by her uncontrolled clone…

Thus, she has to rest and heal herself while the SSS has to figure out how to deal with the clones!

At Kanade’s room, Yurippe tinkers Kanade’s program by adding a command to eliminate the clones (although reading the Angle Player manual in English is very hard for Yuri) while the SSS members are “studying” in the classroom.

However, the Angel clones have taken the original Angel hostage at the Guild, in which the SSS has to go back to that place again to save her. Instead of traps, Angel clones are encountered! (Including Noda-kun, Matsushita and Hinata in the list…)

The surviving members (does not include Yui!) are now at the former Guild site. While Yurippe attacks the last clone (good thing she wears earplugs when “Howling” skill comes up), Otonashi saves Kanade. Otonashi tells her to use harmonics to absorb the clones, but unfortunately for Kanade… she’ll inherit the clones’ personality as well. We don’t know if Kanade returns to her original program or not, but for next episode will have another look on Otonashi’s past…

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