Aqours 4th Love Live! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~

On November 17 and 18, 2018, Aqours made history when they performed at the Tokyo Dome, the same venue where µ’s held their final Love Live! concert back in March 31 to April 1, 2016. And on December 22, 2018, I’ve watched the 2nd day of the 4th Live as I’m here for my thoughts about what happened to Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~.

Big thanks to Mantan Web and Natalie for the official pictures, and shout-outs to both the Love Live! subreddit page and Anime PH Project for news leading up to the concert.

Now then, the delayed viewing for the 4th live is held at SM Megamall, although the starting time was set at 5:00 PM which is pretty much late in my opinion.

Also, I present you this Nesoberi Shrine in which some fans brought it on this occasion, including the large ones called Tera Jumbo Nesoberi. And by the way, they’re pretty expensive and it’s a hassle to carry it because it’s big, but some fans don’t mind carrying the hefty weight of those giant plushies.

In any case, the reason why their 4th live is called “Sailing to the Sunshine” is because the original sound track from the TV series is used during intermissions. Oh and it’s even better is that the music composer Tatsuya Kato is here as the conductor together with the Uranohoshi Symphony Orchestra, which means that while you enjoy Aqours perform their songs, you’ll also enjoy the orchestral rendition of the original sound track, so give props to KatoTatsu for that!

With that said, I’m getting ready for the delayed viewing of the 4th live as it’s pretty much jam-packed. I guess SM Megamall will be the default venue for future delayed viewings as SM Mall of Asia wouldn’t cut it.

Anyways, time to start things off with “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?” and it’s very nostalgic to hear Aqours’ first single again. In fact, it’s so iconic that it’s being featured in every concert along with “Aozora Jumping Heart”.

With that said, they sure come a long way from being newcomers back in 2015 to worthy successors to µ’s. Let’s hope that they share their blessings to the next generation of school idols, which I believe it’ll be Nijigasaki Girls’ Academy (or Perfect Dream Project).

Now then, time for some interesting highlights during the 2nd day and one of the most surprising thing I’ve watched is when they performed songs that are new to in my opinion.

While I’ve already watched the 2nd years’ performance of “Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!”, songs like “Waku-Waku-Week!” for the 1st years and “G Senjou no Cinderella” for the 3rd years are awesome, especially the latter when both the 1st and 3rd years performed together during the last part of “G Senjou no Cinderella”.

Another one was “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare” where instead of 8 members like in Aqours’ 1st Live, Riko Sakurauchi’s voice actress Rikako Aida joined in and man, it was a touching moment when she’s welcomed back to Aqours. C’mon, I remember the time when Anju Inami and the rest supported her when Rikako Aida fumbled during the 2nd day.

Also, they performed “Seinaru Hi no Inori” and “Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai” in which it’s being a long time since Aqours performed it back in 2016 during the Christmas mini-live. And really, it’s fitting since I’m celebrating Christmas at that time.

Lastly, it’s time for the most surprising event during 4th live, which is the appearance of the Aqours Ship. Yeah, that caught me off-guard when Aqours are riding on a ship, performing both “WATER BLUE NEW WORLD” and “Kiseki Hikaru” with the latter being accompanied by the Uranohoshi Symphony Orchestra.

Oh, and let’s not forget about “Awaken the power” with Saint Snow because c’mon, the Kazuno sisters are very important. Still, it’s nice that Asami Tano and Hinata Satou returned for the 4th Live.

Afterwards, time for the encore part of the concert where it not only show the full trailer of Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow, but also some announcements such as the dates for the Asia Live Tour and the 5th Live. Also, they announced their participation to the 69th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen in which I was happy to see Aqours perform at the NHK Hall during New Year’s Eve. And really, it finally happened as the general public accepted Aqours much like how µ’s was recognized by the mainstream media back in 2015.

With that said, it’s time to close this concert as Aqours performed “Thank you, FRIENDS!!” and while their activities will continue for next year, “Thank you, FRIENDS!!” serves as a closure to these 9 girls from Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy. Man, I felt crying upon hearing that song, even moreso when Anju Inami and the rest thanked their fans without their mics that you don’t need subs if you know it from the heart. Speaking of subs, I’m not gonna talk about it but I thank ODEX for bringing the delayed viewing of the 4th Live to the Filipino Love Live! fans.

Well, that’s the end of the delayed viewing of the 4th Live and honestly, Aqours pretty much stepped-up their game that it surpassed the 3rd Live Tour. The production value is excellent ranging from having an orchestra to the appearance of the Aqours Ship. There’s nothing more to say about the 4th Live because it’s really amazing!

And one last thing, I got some goodies after watching the delayed viewing where I got a poster, a postcard, and a t-shirt. Kingblades are not included as I brought them on this occasion.

Image courtesy via Pixiv

Anyways, I’m done with my thoughts on the concert and while I still don’t know about their future after 2019, I’m looking forward to watch not only the movie, but also the 5th Live if ODEX would bring it again, albeit delayed.

I’ll see them again in the future as Aqours will reach even further heights. Now if only Aqours would visit the Philippines…

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