Akiba Maid War Episode #09

Let’s begin with a little bit of history where maid cafés existed in the Meiji period, starting with Lady Omoe where they provide maid services to customers in the late 19th century.

Oh, and Lady Omoe and her fellow maids are the pioneers when it comes to violence where they take on any rival maid café.

Thanks to their prominence, the city of Akihabara created a festival in their honor and this time, the Creatureland Group will hold the event in 1999.

As for the Ton Tokoton Café, they’ll participate too but here’s the thing though as the otaku/debt collector told the manager to strictly follow the guidelines during the festival.

Guidelines? The store manager would misplace it somewhere ’cause she’s pretty much incompetent, not bothering the Creatureland Group’s rules at all!

Anyways, here’s the store manager hanging out at the local pond as she thinks that her crew is panicking right now. Oh silly you, they can run their stall without you!

By the way, the guidelines stated that Ton Tokoton Café will be placed last in the main event, the Lady Omoe Climb where it’s basically staged as Kira Kira Lion (or Dazzlion) is the clear favorites to win. Why? Because Chairman Nagi’s law about hierarchy is absolute as pigs are the bottom-tier within the group.

Yes, the Ton Tokoton Café is treated as trash but then again, it has the most competent maids like Ranko Mannen, Zoya, Yumechi, and Shiipon. It’s not like they’ll follow the guidelines in the first place anyway!

Now then, let’s move onto the Akiba Maid Festival where the Ton Tokoton Café set up a stall in the farthest corner of the venue. Tough times for Nagomi Wahira and the crew.

Of course, there are a few regulars who went to see the Ton Tokoton Café members as this guy is a fan of Ranko Mannen. Glad that Ranko has fans even though she’s a 36 year old maid.

On second thought, I have a feeling that this particular Ranko fan is actually Okachimachi. Anyways, it appears that the fan gave something to Ranko…

…which it turned out to be acorns. Then again, I could be wrong as it turned out to be revolver bullets hiding inside acorn shells.

Also, here’s the trio of Nerula fans where they’re having a hard time locating their stall. It’s sucks that Ton Tokoton Café is treated like trash during the festival.

But that doesn’t stop Nagomi Wahira from stepping out of line and get some customers on her own. Ugh, I’m worried that she’ll be targeted by rival maid cafés within the group.

Oh wait, looks like someone kick Nagomi’s butt as she fell down to the ground. Looks like they don’t want Ton Tokoton Café selling their shitty products on their premises.

In any case, Ton Tokoton Café are treated as scum no matter where they go, including the Akiba Maid Festival where they can’t even make a profit no matter how hard they try.

Now then, it’s time for the main event which is the Lady Omoe Climb. Yes, everyone expects Kira Kira Lion to win the entire thing as stated in the guidelines.

But not for Ton Tokoton Café where thanks to the store manager’s incompetence, they decided to run like hell instead of being dead last in the event. Yeah, that would anger some people.

Of course, they won’t pull any punches either as Ton Tokoton Café are ready to fight back whenever they’re threatened.

Now then, here’s Nagomi Wahira where she’ll face the Ace Maid of Kira Kira Lion who’s blocking the path towards Omoe’s head.

Unfortunately for Nagomi, she can’t beat the ace maid on her own as she received a nasty kick that might fall to her death.

Luckily, Nagomi Wahira was saved by Ranko Mannen where she tackled the Ace Maid of Kira Kira Lion to the pavement. Looks like the lions are about to lose by a bunch of pigs.

For the debt collector, looks like his ass is gonna get kicked for failing to keep them in line. I mean, he’s already afraid of the consequences once Ton Tokoton wins the event.

And so, Ton Tokoton Café has won the entire Lady Omoe Climb event through sheer determination and not following the guidelines at all.

Oh yeah, here’s Chairman Nagi where she congratulates Nagomi Wahira in finishing first place. Of course, she can’t express her anger at the moment.

In any case, the Ton Tokoton Café will cherish this moment as they overcome obstacles and made into the top of the Creatureland Group’s food chain.

One more thing, here’s the store manager where she couldn’t help but celebrate, unaware that her carelessness might bite her maid café in the ass later.

By the way, I forgot to mention that her real name is Yasuko Yaegashi, but none of the employees don’t give a fuck in calling her real name as they would rather call her as the store manager. Anyways, what happened to the debt collector?

Oh, he was gunned down for failing to keep Ton Tokoton Café in line. Well, he deserve it for talking shit to them in the first place!

But for Chairman Nagi, that’s the last straw as she’ll take matters into her own hands in crushing the Ton Tokoton Café once and for all.

Seriously, if she wanted them out of the group, Nagi should have sent tons of her underlings to destroy that pigsty completely, although the only thing the chairwoman worries is Ranko Mannen where she’ll kill hundreds of maids.

Looks like we’re reaching the endgame in Akiba Maid War as Chairman Nagi and her Creatureland Group are about to send a massive offensive towards the Ton Tokoton Café in the future. Let’s hope that Nagomi and rest survive on the next episode!

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