Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #31 & #32

Oh look, it’s Linel Synthesis Twenty-Eight and Fizel Synthesis Twenty-Nine as the twins have returned and they’re still deadly as ever!

On the other hand, I think the twins will need to hold the line first because one of their fellow Integrity Knights went into hiding.

Anyways, let’s talk about Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven for a moment where the reason why he’s scared of fighting is because Renly killed someone by accident during a tournament.

Now, it would be better if the swords are made from wood so that it won’t cut someone, but they didn’t.

In any case, Renly blamed himself for killing a close friend and even though he became an Integrity Knight, Quinella found him to be defective and sealed Renly away until the pontifex is defeated.

Now let’s go back to the present where Ronye Arabel and Teise Schtrinen tries to hide Kirito to a safe place because things are not looking good at the supply camp.

But then, they encountered Renly where he got out from his hiding spot. Here’s the thing though as Renly won’t help Tiese and Ronye on protecting Kirito…

…especially when a mountain goblin comes to rape the girls and kill everyone in sight. Yeah, the denizens from the Dark Territory have finally penetrated the camp site.

Of course, both Ronye Arabel and Teise Schtrinen couldn’t defend themselves against a goblin since they haven’t finish their training yet.

Even Renly couldn’t do anything but watch as fear completely paralyzed him. C’mon Renly, you’re an Integrity Knight and you should protect those you can’t fight back!

But then, here’s Kirito and while he wants to protect Tiese and Ronye, his body can’t move because Kirito’s ego has been crushed.

So, the only thing that we hope for is Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven attacking the mountain goblin!

Fortunately, this mountain goblin got its head cut in half. And with that, both girls and Kirito are safe, but who defeated the goblin?

Oh, it’s Renly as he finally overcome his trauma by throwing a blade at the enemy. I guess this Integrity Knight finally man-up, but Renly needs to kill those goblins outside the tent.

Fortunately, Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven killed lots of mountain goblins in a short amount of time.

Of course, Renly will have to face the chief of the mountain goblins as Kosogi challenged the Integrity Knight, declaring that he’ll win because his opponent is still frightened. We’ll see about that!

Sadly for Kosogi however, Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven mastered his own Perfect Weapon Control Art as he combines his blades into a giant shuriken.

But with that said, looks like Kosogi got cut in half thanks to Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven, which means that the Dark Territory is losing.

And it gets even worse for the Dark Territory as Alice Synthesis Thirty is about to unleash her powerful Sacred Art where she’ll use the souls of the fallen into a powerful attack.

With that said, this is Alice’s Ultimate Sacred Art where she transforms the ball of light into a beam that rains down towards the denizens.

As you can see, the dark mages and orges couldn’t stand a chance with Alice’s powerful beam of light.

Hell, even the leader of the Dark Mage Guild named Dee Eye Ell could not believe that her plans to incinerate the Human Empire were crushed in front of her eyes. Looks like Dee Eye Ell will have to come up with another plan.

Then again, the Human Empire suffered some casualties that Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One felt that he got bested by the Dark Territory.

That concerned Alice in which she almost got a heart attack when Eldrie got killed in battle. I mean, he’s covered in blood of his fallen comrades.

Still, the Human Empire is winning at the moment but they can’t afford to lose more combatants on their side.

Meanwhile, it appears that they encountered an orge named Furgr. Then again, he’s more like a wolfman than an orge! Anyways, Furgr was surprised about Alice’s power that the chief of the orges called her as the Priestess of Light.

And here’s the thing though because not only Furgr wanted the Priestess of Light as he desired for peace and prosperity to his land, but also Emperor Vector who wants to take Alice that holds the key to the Soul Translator technology.

Unfortunately for Furgr, Alice Synthesis Thirty won’t give in to his demands as she cuts him.

But as an act of mercy, Alice sends Furgr’s soul to the grasslands, hoping that he’ll rest in peace over there.

Yeah, there are some people who desire for peace instead of waging a pointless war.

Of course, there are people out there who wanted more bloodshed like Dee Eye Ell for example where she proposed to Lilpilin to sacrifice his fellow orcs to create a powerful Dark Art.

That doesn’t sit well for Lilpilin as letting his people die for a spell is pointless. What if Dee Eye Ell’s spell didn’t work?

Still, the orcs have decided to lay their lives for the sake of the Dark Territory, although Lilpilin doesn’t want the orcs to die at the hands of a sadistic dark mage.

And so, the dark mages casts their spells to convert the lives of these orcs into dark energy. C’mon, Dee Eye Ell doesn’t care about the lives of demi-humans, so long as she wants to be on top of the pyramid.

But for Lilpilin, seeing his people losing their lives shocked him the most as he detested the likes of Dee Eye Ell. Scratch that, every human on the planet!

But thanks to the orcs sacrificing their lives, Dee Eye Ell created a powerful Dark Art that would finally destroy those pesky Integrity Knights. Let’s hope she’ll succeed this time…

…Dee Eye Ell unleashes a swarm of death worms in which touching these critters would eat someone’s flesh until they’re dead. This is a perfect weapon against the Integrity Knights.

Unfortunately for Dee Eye Ell, one of the knights named Eldrie decided to act as a bait to those death worms. Of course, what would Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One do?

Simple, he’ll use his Perfect Weapon Control Art to transform his whip into a pack of white snakes that would eat those worms. Great idea there from Eldrie!

Sadly however, Eldrie got caught in one of those death worms in which his life is rapidly draining away. No Eldrie, you can’t die like this ’cause you have to see your mom once this war is over!

Eventually, those death worms turned into a spectacular explosion, killing Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One after stopping Dee Eye Ell’s attacks from reaching his fellow Integrity Knights.

And as much as I applaud his bravery, it’s a shame that Eldrie Woolsburg will never remember his past nor see his mother again.

Of course, Eldrie’s death doesn’t sit well for Alice where she considers him as her worthy disciple, so losing Eldrie broke Alice’s heart that she orders her trusty Amayori to burn everyone in sight.

Oh and Amayori is joined by Eldrie’s dragon Takiguri where they bring terror to those denizens with their dragon breath. The Dark Territory shouldn’t mess with the Integrity Knight when they lost their ally.

Oh yeah, and Dee Eye Ell got hit by Amayori’s dragon breath, but it seems that she’s still alive. I wish Dee Eye Ell got killed on the spot as she’s one despicable bitch!

Anyways, looks like the leader of the Dark Mage Guild is pretty much screwed. With Dee Eye Ell’s plans failed in a spectacular manner, looks like she’s gonna get the axe from Emperor Vector.

Now then, I’ll see you next time and while the Dark Territory is pushing back, I wonder what happened to Asuna? Did she finally got into the Underworld? We’ll find out soon enough…

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