Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #33 & #34

Well everyone, looks like we’re back again at the Underworld as while the Human Empire are winning, the denizens from the Dark Territory have decided to bring their ace in the hole: The pugilists!

Led by their champion Iskahn, the Pugilist Guild are ready to push the Integrity Knights using their fists and feet!

Of course, Iskahn and his fellow pugilists will have to face one Integrity Knight.

Then again, this certain knight named Sheyta Synthesis Twelve is not interested in fighting at all, but she has to fulfill her duty to protect the Human Empire.

Regardless, time for the pugilists to take down Sheyta, starting with Yotta where she’s eager to land her fists straight to the knight’s face.

Of course, Sheyta Synthesis Twelve can parry Yotta’s fists with her blade while having that calm and silent demeanor.

But wait, I heard that the pugilists can withstand metal weapons since their bodies can withstand it, right?

Well, turns out that Sheyta’s Black Lily Sword can cut anything despite having a paper-thin edge.

Looks like Yotta’s arm got sliced and diced that she can’t use it anymore. And you know what’s infuriating for the pugilists? This Integrity Knight is holding back.

This angered Iskahn as he and his fellow pugilists doesn’t like being underestimated by an Integrity Knight, so the champion decides to go all-out towards Sheyta.

With that said, Iskahn sends a powerful rage-filled blazing fists onto Sheyta Synthesis Twelve, although the Integrity Knight managed to stop Iskahn’s momentum.

Then again, Iskahn’s fists are strong that the armor from her left arm got destroyed. Of course, there’s more from this champion…

For you see, Iskahn delivered a body blow which created a giant explosion. For humans, no one would survive that!

However, turns out that Sheyta Synthesis Twelve survived where her armor was shredded into pieces.

Then again, wearing armor slows her down as Sheyta is about to unleash her Perfect Weapon Control Art.

Not to be outdone, Iskahn is preparing to deliver his own finishing blow towards the Integrity Knight.

And so, both combatants went for the kill as Sheyta’s blade clashes with Iskahn’s fists. Gotta say that this fight will be all-or-nothing!

But for both Sheyta Synthesis Twelve and Iskahn, looks like they’re enjoying this fight despite the pugilist starting to give into Sheyta’s Black Lily Sword.

Luckily for Iskahn however, it seems that he’ll have to fight for another day as his fellow pugilist saved his life.

So with that said, the pugilists lost this battle as Sheyta Synthesis Twelve managed to hold the line. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen after this.

On second thought, forget what I’ve said because the Dark Knight Vassago is gonna kill Ronye Arabel. Please, not Ronye!

Suddenly, the entire earth is split in half as Vassago’s dark knights fell down to the abyss.

And while Ronye Arabel and the entire supply corps is safe from harm, I wonder who created this spell?

Oh, it’s Asuna Yuuki as she’s finally inside the Underworld, taking her role as the Goddess of Creation Stacia. Glad that she finally save Ronye and Kirito!

Of course for Dark Knight Vassago, looks like their plans to capture Alice would be dashed now that Asuna has arrived. But first, Vassago needs to save himself and report to Gab- I mean Emperor Vector.

Afterwards, Ronye thanked Asuna for saving her life. Of course, the only thing that Asuna wants is Kirito so she asked Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel on his whereabouts.

Fortunately, Ronye and Tiese told Asuna that Kirito is safe, but let’s just say that he couldn’t move right now because of his broken ego. Yeah, that broke Asuna’s heart upon seeing Kirito’s condition.

Regardless, Asuna has finally reunited with Kirito after spending his time at the Underworld.

While Asuna will find a way to bring Kirito back to his senses, there’s one thing she should watch out.

And that’s Alice Schuberg or Alice Synthesis Thirty as she point her sword towards Asuna. Um girls, you shouldn’t fight over Kirito as you need to help him!

Fortunately, Bercouli Synthesis One managed to stop the girls from destroying the camp site since Asuna possesses Stacia’s powers.

Speaking of Asuna, Takeru Higa told her that she should use Stacia’s powers to much or her mind will be broken.

Now then, it’s time for Asuna Yuuki to explain to the inhabitants of the Human Empire that she needs to take Alice Synthesis Thirty to the outside world, as well as stop those who try to take Alice for their nefarious means.

However, Bercouli told Asuna that the ones from the outside world are already at the Dark Territory and these people will do whatever it takes to capture the Priestess of Light, even as far as destroying the Underworld.

Well, looks like Asuna is already too late on stopping Gabriel Miller and Vassago Casals from getting inside the Underworld. Of course, it made it possible for Glowgen Defense Systems to infiltrate the Ocean Turtle because there’s a spy within Rath.

In any case, they need to stop the war against the denizens of the Dark Territory while taking Alice and Kirito safely into the outside world.

One last thing, here’s Ronye Arabel where she told Asuna and Alice that she wants to see Kirito pretty badly. Despite spending less time as Kirito’s page, Ronye doesn’t like being left out.

For both Asuna and Alice, it’s surprising that there are girls out there who think highly towards Kirito. I hope that they won’t get jealous of it.

Also, here’s one character that we haven’t seen since Part 1. It’s Kirito’s former mentor Sortiliena Serlut where she’ll defend the Human Empire from the Dark Territory.

Of course, Sortiliena won’t mind telling about Kirito since he was her former page after all!

But yes, looks like they’ll be having a girls’ talk about Kirito but don’t forget, Emperor Vector and Dark Knight Vassago will do whatever it takes to get their hands on Alice and turn the Underworld into a wasteland.

Anyways, there’s 2 more episodes to go before I close the 2nd part of the Alicization Arc. Man, can we get any worse than this?

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